Beautiful Levant Watches

Levant Watches and Jewellery is among Dubai’s Nr.1 jewellery retailers, dealing with several international brands in the same time. Levant Watches and Jewellery doesn’t deal with as many brands as Damas but thanks to the company’s positive relation with the huge Jumeirah chain Levant stores can be found in most Jumeiah Hotels all around Dubai.

Hereby we represent you with a brief description on the brands which are retailed by Levant Watches. These brands are all soon-to-be prominent new Swiss brands without their own boutiques worldwide.

De Witt is a young Swiss watch brand founded in 2003 in Vandoeuvres by Jerome de Witt a young and dedicated watchmaker. De Witt watches smartly mix the old Swiss watch making traditions and manufacturing which is th ebest in the world, with the modern world’s requirements in design, outlook and in features. The first collection which has made DeWitt famous is the Tourbillon Pressy Grande Complication collection of Swiss flying chronograph watches with bi-retrograde perpetual calendar encased in a great outlook design. In 2005 DeWitt has won the most prestigious award in horology, the „Grand Prix d’horologie de Genéve” with its innovative model the Académie Tourbillon Différentiel which also included the first DeWitt patent regarding its specific Tourbillon system. Then DeWitt decided to go artistic with the release of its first „objet d’Art” watch ( Museum Watch) WX-1 a concept watch including all the knowledge and design creativity of the Swiss company with a unique 21 day power reserve system. In 2010 the first automated sequential winding patented watch of DeWitt was released under the serial DW 8014 being the first complicated regulator watch integrating Tourbillon system. DeWitt watches are distributed with high success all around the world. In Dubai, they are exclusively offerred by the Dubai Levant Watches and Jewellery company

Kern is a relatively young Swiss watch and jewellery manufacturing company which is quite rarely from the German side of Switzerland, around Basel also having German relations in its operations. Kern is not as famous as the top brands, but in Germany and Switzerland it has a good quality name and its watches and jewellery are frequently sold in many countries. The company is relatively young, being founded in 1974 its still leaded by its founder August Kern. Kern watches are high prices and high quality jewellery watches putting much emphasis on quality, design and perfect functionality all the same. In Dubai, Kern watches are relailed by Levant Watches and jewellery.

Quinting is quite a young yet very professional team formed within a company founded in 1993. The Quinting watches have sound success because of their high exclusive quality. Quinting is based in Geneva, the capital of “Haute Horlongerie” which is a grading only goes for the most expensive biggest quality watches over there. Quinting watches are advertised by several famous and top polititians and businessmen in the world like President Bill Clinton or Kofi Annan who are all wearing and are avid fans of Quinting watches. Quinting is retailed by Levant Watches and Jewellery in Dubai. The brand is famous for manufacturing all of the watches materials necessary for their mechanism in-house.

Is a prominent Swiss watch brand which was founded by an Italian watchmaker Giancarlo Sarcar whose wife is the current owner of the company. Sarcar watches are famous for their exclusive look, high style with rich gemstone and diamond decorations and innovative ideas in its designs. Sarcar is a specialist of the most elegant watches. Sarcar has its only brand boutiques in China. In Dubai its watches are retailed by the Dubai Levant Watches and Jewellery.

Levant Watches and Jewellery represents great quality jewellery and watch collections for the public and visitors of Dubai. The boutique of Levant Watches can be found in the Atlantis the Palm, the Palm Jumeirah and also can be found in the Madinat Jumeirah.

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