Dubai Travel Tips

So you have decided to spend your golf holidays in Dubai? Dubai is no doubt one of the best places to holiday with your friends and family. If you plan your Dubai holiday well in advance your vacation will be truly a memorable one. Dubai travel tips become necessary if you are coming to Dubai for the first time, so that you do not get stuck in any kind of mess.

Here are some important Dubai travel tips that will help you during your stay in the Emirate:

1. It is important to know about the local currency before you step into UAE, otherwise you will get stuck at every step. The local currency is UAE Dirham. You will find many banks in UAE, where you withdraw money. You can also use the ATM facilities as per your convenience. Tourists are advised not to go for any currency exchange in the streets, as there may be chances that you are offered fake notes. Keep away from people who promise to help you with notes exchange, because they are most likely to be fraudulent.

2. If you are visiting Dubai, and decide to drive yourself you need to have the International Driving license. You need to remember several things when you are driving in the city. Do not ever drink while you are driving in the streets of Dubai. This is totally illegal and you cannot escape the law. The consequences if you are found to be drunk while driving can be very tough. You can be fined, imprisoned, or even deported. No one wants to be slapped with these penalties, so just be very careful. Such travel tips as the ones mentioned here, are very helpful for the first time travelers in Dubai.

3. While traveling in Dubai, if you come across any accident do not forget to call the police. Even if the accident is very small, you need to inform the police. The parties involved in the accident need to remain in that place until the police arrive.

4. You need to know about some items that are forbidden and you cannot carry them to Dubai. You need to remember this as it is a very important point to be remembered. You cannot carry any kind of unstrung pearls, except this is for your personal use. Religious propaganda is not allowed in Dubai. You cannot carry any dangerous weapons and firearms when you are in Dubai.

5. The most important among all the Dubai travel tips is the dress code. Decent dressing is an important aspect that needs to be followed religiously while you are in the city. Tourists can wear bikinis while they swim, but topless bathing is strictly prohibited. Anything that might be offensive to the sentiments of the local people or indecent is not tolerated. Women are advised to dress decently and avoid short skirts and deep-neck tops as much as possible as these are considered to be very vulgar and offensive.

6. Keep always from drug and drug offences as drug abuse is considered as a very big offense in Dubai. The consequences will be very serious if you are found carrying drugs, so better stay away from drugs totally.

Dubai travel tips can be of real help if you are coming to the city for the first time. This will make your stay in Dubai hassle free, comfortable and your trip would probably be the best trip of your life. So, the next time you come to Dubai, come equipped with these tips and enjoy your stay in the city!

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