Big Bus Tour in Dubai

Attending a Big Bus tour is currently one of the trendiest ways to go around and see the most famous sites and landmarks of Dubai. The Big Bus tour gives you the chance to get on and get off the bus at anytime you wish to, having stops all over the city. This way makes transportation easier for tourists.

Big Bus tour is not an exclusive attraction of Dubai, but an international company that operates with buses that had transformations from the classic London double-decker buses, the look of which made them quite a famous attraction of any city. The transformed Big Buses has a roofless, open-air deck upstairs and an air-conditioned classic bus space on the ground floor. These buses operate all over the world. Not only is their characteristic look that makes them so famous, but also their large capacity, when it comes to the number of passengers to carry. Such bus can handle almost double the people as a normal bus can carry, thus making higher profits. The transformed buses all have built-in Multilanguage sightseeing audio set, so all you need to do is to choose the language preferred by you, and you can listen the sightseeing tape telling you lots of interesting facts about Dubai, its culture, history and about the sites to be visited.

Big Buses work on two different routes, the seaside route and the downtown route. Both routes have the list of landmarks they are visiting. Once you get on, you will get a detailed map enlisting all the stops of both routes. You can decide the landmark that interests you to spend a longer time there. It is a great way to spare time and money, especially for those, who are in Dubai for the first time. You can even download the maps of each route from the Big Bus site. The downtown Big Bus tour operates along both sides of the Dubai Creek, putting more emphasis on the beautiful old city quarters of Dubai. This tour is a great choice for cultural sightseeing. The seaside route however, is much longer, leading to the shiny New Dubai, along the famous Jumeirah Beach, showing the skyscraper jungles of the downtown, together with the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and turning back from the Palm Jumeirah island complex.

Big Bus Tours offer daily and 48-hour tickets. You can attend as many Big Bus tour a day as you physically can. In this way, Big Bus tours can handle a large part of the public transportation of tourists. One daily ticket costs around 60 USD and each ticket works like a voucher for you, by which you can get several free services on that very day, such as free entrance to the Dubai Museum or an all-free dhow cruise along the beautiful Dubai Creek. For those who would like to see the beautiful former home of the grandfather of Sheikh Al Maktoum, emperor of Dubai, they can gain free entry to this beautiful residence as well with the Big Bus ticket tour!

Specialities of Big Bus tours include a discount ticket enabling you to do a double sightseeing, both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi too, the marvellous capital of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, if you feel like seeing all the glitz and glamour of Dubai by night, you can take a Big Bus tour in the evening as well. Evening buses start from 19:30 and last until 20:30, working slightly different routes as by the day. A good tip is to finish your sightseeing tour on board of a beautiful dhow.

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