Burjuman Arjaan Apartments

A holiday in Dubai is something that more and more people are considering, with the city now featuring prominently in any reviewer’s list of the world’s premier holiday destinations. As popular for business as it is for holiday travel, Dubai is now a city with more than three hundred hotels. With each hotel capable of fitting in hundreds, potentially thousands of customers, it means Dubai is in ideal shape to accommodate the millions of tourists who go there every year. It also means that for a hotelier in the city, the competition is tough. Think of how hard your job is, and then think how much harder it would be if there were more than three hundred other people keen to show they could do it better than you, for less money.

To be the best hotel in Dubai is something that any hotelier in the city would love to achieve. The millions of dollars, dirham, pounds and other currencies spent here every year on hotel bookings alone would dwarf the GDP of many functioning nations, so to even be in the top echelon is lucrative – but also difficult. How can a hotelier hope to compete with the gigantic Burj al Arab, the world’s first “seven-star” hotel? Well, they certainly do their level best by putting a great effort into ensuring the customers comfort and satisfaction at every turn. This is no easy task, but the rewards make it worthwhile. And there is also the moral victory of showing that you do not need to spend so much money to be a first-rate hotel.

The Burjuman Arjaan Dubai is one hotel that has found its own happy and lucrative niche among the packed field for quality hotels in Dubai. It has achieved this by judicious use of the “hotel apartment” concept. Going further than most interpretations on the theme, the Burjuman Arjaan is not just a mix of the convenience of an apartment with the service of a hotel – it adds a luxury angle which is comparable with many, more expensive hotels in this city where nothing is cheap. The rooms are huge and very fancy – some with a self-contained powder room – and have a balcony which goes all the way around the boundary of the living room. The view from said balconies is something to behold.

In addition to the above, the Burjuman Arjaan benefits from having excellent standards of quality. The service is second-to-none with the staff all making a special effort to ensure that your stay is just as good as it can be. It really is the definition of “service with a smile”. It is also flanked by the Burjuman Mall, a huge shopping center that is just begging to be investigated with credit cards in hand, and where you will find a food court that will fit just about any taste. The location of this hotel, allied to its excellent standards of customer care, means that it will take some beating as a spot for your stay in Dubai.

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