Buy Bendon Lingerie in Dubai

Bendon Lingerie is designed to help you live each day with style and confidence. Bendon realizes that women are busier than ever before, and lingerie must provide lifestyle solutions with shapes and profiles for every occasion and offer gorgeous fashionable lingerie that’s supportive and comfortable enough to wear every day.

Bendon is one of the world’s leading intimate apparel companies and has been in business for more than 60 years. It has been making quality intimate apparel since 1947. Its international reputation and success is based on its innovative qualities, design, expertise, superior quality, and affordability. Bendon designs everything from beautiful lingerie to sophisticated high fashion apparel.

Bendon lingerie is designed to help you live each day with confidence, and of course, in style. Fill your wardrobes with their creations which are done in all types of styles, patterns, and designs using a panorama of colors. It can be anything from the common everyday lingerie which lies concealed beneath your attire to a dazzling strapless or a sports bra. You name the item and they have it. They specialize in gorgeous and fashionable lingerie, that is comfortable to wear and yet stylish to look.

Innerwear concept is used to train your body into shape, but most of the time it resulted in discomfort and frustration. Bendon has revolutionised the lingerie industry by creating lingerie that fits a woman’s body snugly. Do you know how the name Bendon came into being? The Hurley Brothers who started Bendon brought out lingerie that could “bend on” to the body. This was quite different from the heavy wire and steel garments that were in vogue then. They offered lingerie that could “bend on” to the body, marking a departure from the heavy wire, steel and bone foundation garments that were then prevalent.

Innovation is Bendon’s middle name and so ideas come easily to designers there who have over 30 styles of bras and panties included in their collection. The expert designers at Bendon have also created equally stylish products in the mothercare and loungewear ranges. Their present collection known as Gypsy Fair has attractive and chic innerwear, as well as robes, pajamas and slips. Most of the styles at Bendon are available up to DD cup, with the exception of their maternity bra. Bendon has an exceptional range of maternity bras that are feminine, provide support, and of course, quite reasonably priced.

Bendon makes abundant use of lace, jacquard fabric, georgette, and satin trimmed with different materials, that make the lingerie look girly and appealing. The designers have used incredibly great ideas and come up with prints that are really unique and untraditional. Bendon styles have been given names that project an air of mystery about them and promise magical experiences.

Bendon’s approach towards the lingerie industry has always been different from the other competitors. However, they have always hit the spot with their ideas because of their advanced infrastructure and a highly dedicated design team. Bendon has stores in UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, with distribution all over Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Scandinavia, Germany, Greece and the Middle East.

Bendon is supported by premium retailers in the United States, in Canada, in the United Kingdom, and in Australia. Bendon has a vision to make women around the world feel wonderful when they don Bendon attire and their stores are designed keeping this in mind. Enter any of Bendon’s outlets where you get impeccable customer service in a completely beautiful environment.

Bendon remains committed to you – to provide beautiful women with beautiful lingerie which are stylish and comfortable.

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