Buy Ray-Ban Sunglasses in Dubai

The history of Ray Ban sunglasses can be traced back to 1937 in America, when Bausch and started making it for the US Army. These glasses were manufactured with the purpose to protect the eyes of the pilots and also to provide style. The first range of Ray Ban sunglasses that was introduced to the general public was named aviator. These sunglasses were different from other in its frame weight, lenses and shape. The lenses used in these glasses had the capacity to filter the infrared and ultraviolet rays, which ultimately protected the eye of the solider or common people. After, World War I the sunglasses gained popularity among the public and became the widely sold brand of the country. After, gaining the popularity, the Ray Ban brand introduced many other range and style of sunglasses to gain more market share and to move to the international market.

Ray Ban is one of the most preferred brand of sunglasses all over the world, especially in the city like Dubai because it offer many unique features like:
• Polycarbonate lenses: Most of the Ray Ban sunglasses have the polycarbonate lenses in them. These lenses are preferred by the company because they offer maximum presentation with minimum mass. Moreover, these lenses are more durable and crack resistant, which in turn protect the eye from any damage.

• XLT B-15 Lenses: Such lenses are mostly used in Ray Ban aviator glasses as they have the tendency to block ultraviolet rays. The G-15 lenses in these series posses the same feature as B-15, but they have the tendency to reduce the brightness of the sharp color objects.

• Polarized Lenses: Polarized lenses are used in some varieties of Ray Ban sunglasses. These lenses have the ability to block the reflecting lights and therefore, these are preferred by people who are into water sports.
Ray Ban has introduced many ranges of sunglasses for its customers all over the world. Some of the most famous varieties of Ray Ban sunglasses are:
• Ray Ban Aviator: This range of Ray Ban sunglasses was the first one to be introduced in the market. This range was designed for pilots and have a reflective dark lenses that are larger than the eyeball area. This range of sunglasses have thin gold frame with bayonet earpieces. These sunglasses were the trademark of Ray Ban for many years, now the company has introduced many unique shapes and styles in this range like the RB 3025, RB 3211, RB 3030 and RB 3138.

• Ray Ban Wayfarer: This range of sunglasses was introduced in 1956. This range became an instant hit in early 50’s and late 60’s, but then faded from the fashion scene.

Dubai is considered the shopping paradise by many tourists because it home for many international retailing shops and brands. The most famous and original dealer of Ray Ban sunglasses in Dubai are Al Jaber optical at Dubai Mall, Barakat Optical Dubai Mall, Eye Boutique Dubai mall, Solaris Dubai Mall and Vision Express. Another famous retailer in Dubai is the Sunglasses hut that offers all different kinds, sizes and shapes of Ray Ban sunglasses.

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