Cara Jewelers in Dubai

Cara Jewelers is a household name not only in Dubai but also in the surrounding areas. It is a very popular retail outlet in Dubai – because of its quality, service, and competitive pricing.

Starting from a very humble beginning, Cara Jewelers has made rapid development and established itself as one of the foremost jewellery retailers in Dubai. Dubai is the only place in the world which is the hub for all the gold and diamond business.

Cara Jewelers which was established in 2004 in the Gold and Diamond Park at Dubai has very extensive knowledge of the industry, the local market, and all aspects of designing and manufacturing. Such is the popularity and fame of Cara Jewellers that many tourists straightaway walk into their store without going anywhere else. They know for sure that they need not have to go through a long session of bargaining which is an exercise they have to undertake at other places. The prices at Cara’s are satisfactory and all the customers go home satisfied.

Enter any of Cara’s Jewelry store for any of your jewelry requirements – gold, diamonds, pearls, Dubai jewelry, or any other precious stones. It offers all types of gemstones and can complete your order in less than 24 hours.

And, do you know what the best thing about Cara Jewelry is? It is their quality, their service, and their pricing – all of these things which go to make Cara’s reputation. You can just walk into any of Cara’s outlets and choose anything that you want right off the shelf, select a design of your choice, and see it being made before your very eyes at their onsite factory.

You can find Cara jewellery shop at Dubai Gold & Diamond Park in the Mall of Emirates.

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