Chemmanur Jewellers Dubai

The rich tradition of Chemmanur Jewellers is brought to the world by the golden legacy of the company. Back in 1863, a simple store of jewellery in Kerala began the story of the great Chemmanur International jewellers. Mr. Boby Chemmanur, the father of the company initiates the business of jewellery and intends to make it a giant empire in the world’s jewellery industry. Jewellery is an important part of Indian tradition, and that is why the business can be fertilely flourished in the country. For his courageous efforts, he was awarded with the “Excellent Young Businessman” in the year of 2004. The key of the success is the costumer-based designs and the never-ending innovation applied by the company. The craftsmen keep the deep solidarity to the craftsmanship legacy. Unique and distinctive designs always show up and the better quality of gold is always found. With the spirit, the brand has grown to be a famous world-wide jewellery brand.

Related to the jewellery industry, the job description of the company is to manufacture and retail the gold and diamond jewellery and to export for the gold and diamond jewellery. Simple job descriptions have been developed into such a big business which considers the business ethics and social responsibility. Wise consumers will put those factors to their considerations before buying any products; and that’s where Chemmanur becomes more preferable than any brand of gold and jewellery.

The initial concept of the company’s establishment is to make high quality jewellery which is attainable for the common people. The new innovative designs with super quality are created based on the research on all over the world’s jewellery collections. The pure intentions lead the brand to be one of the most popular brands in India, and later in the Middle East also. The pure efforts of the company bring it to some great achievements. Some of recognitions the company has proudly accepted are the ISO 9001:2000, Chennai Souhrudavedi Award, Glory of India Award, Rotaract Excellent Award, Special Honour from Kozhikode Adhideya Sangam, Lions Club Award, Mother Teresa Award, Consumer Association Award, Humanitarian Service Award, and the other various achievements in term of management and social services. The social responsibility acts by the company is conducted through significant amount of annual charity. The charity includes rice distribution for the poor, free health service, and on community marriages. The program named Customer Protection Benefit Fund of Chemmanur International Jewellers group gives a big chance for common people to have their children getting married with the offerings of interest free loan.

The product of the company covers all variants of jewellery, including traditional and modern design jewellery. There are various designs of finger rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, earrings, nose rings, pendants, and lockets. Gold is the most dominant variant of the jewellery, combined with precious collections of various gemstones. Pearl jewellery is also available and presented through the Mikura pearls. The traditional series are Nagapadam, Karimani, Palaka, Pulinagam, Elakkathali, Poothali, and Dashavataram. Brands from the company are passing the quality check according to the international standard checking for gold, diamond, and gemstone. All of the products are manufactured in high quality, strict basis. The customers can freely check the quality of jewellery using 4 different ways. They are through the government lab testing, fire testing, karat analyzer using German technology system, and checking through the valid purity certificate. They are all available to give the customers assurance toward the quality of each piece of Chemmanur product.

The small showroom has been developed into an internationalized brand. The honor of State and Central award for export are given to the company not without a reason, for it becomes a reliable gold and diamond jewellery provider with the international standard services. The retails now have reached the whole Indian subcontinent to the Arabian Gulf. Enlarging its wing to the global market, now the retails are also found in the UAE’s Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. In Dubai, the location of the store is in Karama; the store itself was inaugurated by the legendary football player Diego Maradona and Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat. From small town in South India, to the world, the company is trying to flourish tradition using modern concept of market and management.

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