Cost of Living in Dubai

The cost of living in Dubai is not so high considering the costs in other countries. The accommodation and food is said to be extremely cheap. The only thing that might cause you problems is regarding the entrance to Dubai and the job-searching period, not to mention the rental. In order to make a realistic counting on the general costs of your living, let us make a list of the most necessary costs you must cover first.

Dubai is huge but it is still not easy to find an appropriate accommodation and a good job. If you feel like wanting to taste how life in Dubai is, then the best option is to go out with friends, either to do something together, but at least to rent an apartment together, that must be already lifesaving as renters in Dubai often require one year’s rent in advance.

Cost of Health Insurance
When you arrive in Dubai, you must opt for a medical insurance card. The whole procedure will cost you around 500-600 DHs. To make counting easier, one USD equals about four DHs (3.67 to be exact).

Accommodation Cost
In order to reduce your costs of living, it is wise to deal with the most important things such as accommodation before you arrive in Dubai. There are some hotels, which offer rooms with meal at extremely cheap costs too, especially the Indian or Chinese places. If you do not feel like investing this much for a year, then it is wiser to make a good deal with a small hotel, especially for the first months, when it is vital to reduce your costs of living.

Flat Rental Prices
As for the rental, you can find flats from around 15-20000 DHs per year. Now the cheapest flats in town are located in the opening blocks of the international city, in the downtown area of Deira and Karama, which are the cheapest. There are some real estates offices, which deal with shared flats too straightaway. If you play well and not needy in the beginning of your career in Dubai, then you can rent a shared flat with one or two mates; remember the more you are, the less you pay. There are rooms for rent even from 3400 DHs. With this, you can seriously reduce your costs of living in Dubai.

Mobile & Landline Subscriptions
The good thing about Dubai landline is that people can phone free within Dubai. If you want a landline, then it will cost you 200DH. If you want to get a cell phone number, it will cost 320 DHs. If you want to get any type of line, visit one of the Etisalat customer services. For the internet, try the Precedence and OGER Telecom. In the Middle East, people use the satellite and not the cable connection.

Banking Costs
As for banks, you can use your cards at first. If you want a bank account in Dubai, you will need lots of paperwork, but it will not be that hard to get it, however first you need an employer. In addition, if you have an employer, he or she can guide you through the whole process.

Career in Dubai
The wiser thing to do is to arrive in Dubai, then attend work interviews you have previously arranged back from home. The most successful way to start living in another country is to have a work contract as soon as possible. There are many tax free zones in Dubai that offer great salary.

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