Dar Al Masyaf Villas

Dar Al Masyaf for the first sight could as well be in Venice by the Grand Canal or somewhere in Barbados, out of the much blue water and the rich green jungle supposed to be its jungle. In real, the whole sight of Dar Al Maysaf or as its called the DAM is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

To be more specific about its actual location, the Dar Al Masyaf stands right in the middle of the beautiful shopping centre mixed up with holiday entertainment complex all shaped to the form of a traditional souk mixed up with an Arabic castle. In the entire complex, the Madinat Jumeirah, looks something like the fairytale city where Aladdin had lived in the famous Disney cartoon. Although here you will not see flying carpet, but you will see thousands of carpets of all size and sorts, together with all sorts of gold ware and jewellery, fashion stores, restaurants, bars, lounges. In addition, the whole complex has some hotels within for those who have romantic souls to stay for more days without actually wanting to go out of it. The Dar Al Masyaf hotel with the whole Souk Madinat does its best to provide its guests with everything they might need for a relaxing time.

The Dar Al Masyaf is not a real hotel; it is rather a collection of villas of different size and style. The main difference is between the Arabian summerhouses and the Gulf summerhouses. All the houses are rich in light, and if you are lucky, you can get a villa standing by the sea, giving you a wonderful view to both the sea and the canal next to your villa. To many villas, you can also go on boat, just as in Venice. The houses are beautifully furnished. There are about 30 villas in the Dar Al Masyaf complex. They say, if you ask for one out of the first ten villas, then you will be luckier and with much chance to get the perfect sea view you are longing for. The villas behind them though have the view and the entrance to the beautiful jungle-like but very Arabic gardens.

There is a so-called “Happy Hours” event every day in the main building of the Dar Al Masyaf where everyone gets the chance for a bit of chitchat with the others, who stay there. There is much complimentary stuff making the guests happy, from complimentary drinks to complimentary meals. There are some lucky who asked for a half–pension and got it complimentary. The size of the Arabian Summer houses is normally 60 square metre, with 2 bedrooms and a living room, of course bathroom included. There is a huge terrace for all the villas, where guests can relax. A maximum number of three adults are allowed to sleep in one room, but normally each room have two beds inside or one with a double bed and one with a sofa. There are bigger and more exclusive villas as well, with the size of 160 square metres for big families.

The Dar Al Masyaf organises private transfers to and from the Dubai International Airport if you let them know at least a day in advance. The food is great and anytime you can have a walk within or outside the huge Madinat Jumeirah complex. The Dar Al Masyaf offers many arranged facilities and programs such as sightseeing and desert safari for those interested. Moreover, in case the services of the Dar Al Masyaf are not enough for you, get complimentary entrance to the Wild Wadi Water Park and you can visit the local spa, or choose out of the hundreds of restaurants and boutiques within the Madinat Jumeirah.

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