Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

Being one of the Gulf countries, and having a rich fishing culture, it is no wonder that Dubai is indeed a highly popular fishing destiantion, as well as being a commercial and touristic centre of the Persian Gulf region. The locals of Dubai mainly engage in deep-sea fishing, but due to the growing fame of its wide variety of fishes, Dubai, as anglers’ paradise is in the limelight again, more and more fish-lovers are arriving from all around the world to try deep-sea fishing in Dubai.

You can catch such kinds of fishes in Dubai not found anywhere else in the world. Here are the very best fishes of the region. Fishes include the kingfish, the Sherii or Shere, Cat Fish, Hamour, Milkfish, White circle and the Red circle. They are the tastiest fishes of the region. Some can see hordes of sharks and barracudas while going to the sea for deep-sea fishing in Dubai. As some of these fishes are seasonal, so it is important to note the time we are preparing to go out to try deep-sea fishing in Dubai.

If you want to do deep-sea fishing in Dubai, first apply for a fishing permit. You can do it before your actual travel. You can also apply these permits online. Sometimes while applying for permit, they also ask some questions regarding the types and number of fishes you are intending to catch. Also watch out, as inside Dubai at most places deep-sea fishing is not allowed. Always ask where there is permission for deep-sea fishing in Dubai, as these regulations might change from time to time. Some fishes, which are normally moving in the deep-sea areas might come also closer to the shore at times, when you can have the chance to catch some, even if at times and places you do not have the permission for deep-sea fishing in Dubai.

Be informed on kind of fishes you can catch and prohibitions. The best times to go fishing is generally at early morning hours before the actual sunrise, or in the evening, an hour before sunset, until it gets totally dark. Some fishes can be the best caught at night when there is full moon.

You may try deep-sea fishing or on-shore fishing at some beaches in the downtown of Dubai, but it is not that much likely because of the high traffic on and off–water. Famous fishing spots of Dubai are the Al Mumzar Beach resort area where you can get the chance to go out to the sea for deep-sea fishing. This is the area of the Imperial suites, or Garhoud Bridge and Jadaff areas. If you want to go for deep-sea fishing in Dubai, be prepared also to go out of Dubai as well. Best fishing places include Ajman and Umm Qwain, both having great beaches. Due to their more relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy fishing a little more over here, than within the downtown of Dubai. Both areas are quite close to Dubai. However, if you have a rented car, it will not take more than half an hour for you to get there.

Often, there can be no better way to while away your vacation time than to indulge in fishing activity. This can be all the more exciting in some special places. Dubai is one such place where many people vacationing there will spend time in deep sea fishing.

The awe-inspiring huge azure blanket of the Arabian Gulf water invites you to an adventurous time of deep sea fishing. This sporting indulgence is something very unique and leaves life-time memories in you. The fresh breeze, the salty smell of the ocean water, the frighteningly beautiful spread of sea water – all are inviting to a brave and fun-loving heart.

If you are one among those who love to venture into the deep sea fishing sport, go fully equipped. The crew on the vessel will be of great help and they will tell you what is where underneath the water. There are snappers, cat fish, barracudas, groupers and baby sharks. It is not an easy task to pull these fish out. But, in the end, it may be worth the energy you spend; you will have some real great-tasting fish.

The bright, hot sun and the fresh, swooshing breeze will catalyze your appetite. So you can catch as much as you want and have a scrumptious meal that you have earned out of your own efforts. That should be a meal that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Your tour will start right from your hotel; you will be picked up by an air-conditioned vehicle which will take you to the pier, to leave for the deep sea fishing adventure trip in the Arabian Gulf. The guide who will be narrating the tour details will be doing so in English or Russian, as you may have preferred. The fishing boat that you will be sailing in will come with all the equipment that you will need to have the richest of fishing experience in such vast sea waters.

A large number of tourists to Dubai will generally prefer to enjoy this excellent activity of deep sea fishing in the Arabian Gulf. The fish crop is very rich in this place in terms of variety and numbers. When you go fishing you are sure to catch some good yield because what you come across there are snappers, cat fish, groupers, barracudas and even baby sharks. It will take quite some effort on your part to get these fish out of water. But it is worth that effort. While on the trip, sandwiches and refreshments will be served onboard which will be complimentary. That should be a welcome gesture. At the end of the trip, you can even get your fish catch to be cooked for you, by paying some stipulated costs that you can pay directly to the cooking service providers.

After you complete your tour, you may choose to be dropped at your hotel, or even at the Dubai Marina, from where you may like to go around for some more time before you go back to the hotel.

Deep-sea fishing in Dubai has gained fame these times. However, as many people try to fish without licence or trying to catch prohibited species, the government is not setting up harder rules regarding deep-sea fishing in Dubai. If you want to get to know more on your possibilities, do not hesitate to ask around, either in Dubai or on different fishing forums on the internet.

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