Dining at Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab in Dubai is another of the several wonders that you come across there. Taller than the Eiffel Tower of France, Burj Al Arab, at 321 meters, is the tallest and the only 7 star Hotel on earth. Designed in the form of a sail, it gives a feeling like the earth itself is being sailed. It beckons you to a memorable dining. The luxury surroundings of its interiors are unequaled. The hotel built on an artificial island at 220 meters in to the sea and is linked to the shore by a private bridge. The structure is awe-inspiringly enormous and makes oneself feel like a minuscule.

It has a total of 60 floors, with the top floor at 200 meters height, with the roof height at 210 mtrs. It has 18 elevators to take you up and down the structure.

The hotel has two restaurants. While Al Iwan Sea view, serves International & Oriental cuisine, the second one, Al Jinsui serves the best of Asian cuisine. The panoramic view of the Persian Gulf from here is just breath-taking and the feeling is inexplicable.

Another restaurant, Al Mahara, meaning Oysters, is a sea food restaurant. To reach this you have to travel by a submarine. Of course, this is no real submarine ride. It is a simulated submarine ride in the sea resembling aquarium. This aquarium holds a whopping 990,000 liters of sea water with living fish of various kinds which you will come across while riding the simulated mini submarine. This will be a life time experience.

Affording stunning views of the Persian Gulf, the restaurant is the perfect place to be pampered with traditional Arabic and international cuisine. Impressive interior decoration and an eclectic mix of traditional objects d’art make the restaurant’s ambience ideal for a relaxed rendezvous at the Burj Al Arab.

You will be fetched from your hotel, in an air-conditioned coach and taken to Burj Al Arab. You have a choice of two restaurants to choose from depending on the type of food you like to have, Al Iwan for International & Oriental cuisine or Jinsui for Asian fare. The moment you enter the hotel you just loose yourself amidst the luxury of its interiors.

Enjoy a lip-smacking and sumptuous meal simultaneously taking in the fantastic view of the Persian Gulf, in a manner you never could have imagined. You are free to move around the hotel to take in its complete beauty and store it in your memory for the rest of your life.

After enjoying the pampered lunch you will be taken back to your hotel in an AC Coach.

One important thing that you need to follow is the dress. Be sure to dress up in smart casual wear like collared shirt and trousers. Remember, jeans, T-shirts and sports shoes are a strict no-no and these outfit will bar you entry into the hotel. Finally, Al Iwan completes bans smoking.

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