Dinner Cruise in Dubai

If you are in Dubai, you cannot miss the chance to take part at a beautiful dinner cruise in Dubai. Dinner cruises are among the most popular program activities in Dubai. Dinner cruises are held on the traditional Arabic dhows.
Dhows are typical Arabic style vessels, which served for the transportation of goods between Dubai. Many of the dhows still serve as means of transportation of goods, along the Dubai Creek mainly and some are used to transport workers as well. The beautiful dhow wharfage a special port that have been made solely for the dhows to part there, is one of the nicest attractions of Deira district of Dubai. A couple of years ago, one boat owner had a great idea, to use his dhow for holding dinner cruises for the tourists, serving some basic Arabic menu and having some musicians or belly dancer to provide the show for them in the same time. Out of this idea, the best evening leisure program of Dubai had been created.

Dhows are also great to receive at least 40 tourists in the same time. Most of the dhows have been renovated in order to become touristic boats solely. A dhow has two levels where tourists can sit. The tables are normally located in the ground floor, which is nowadays glassed, and even air-conditioned and the dinner shows are held on the upper floor of the boat, where during your dinner you can enjoy the fantastic sight of Dubai in the evening.

As for the route of the dinner cruise in Dubai, the main route goes along the Dubai Creek. The length of the whole dinner cruise in Dubai is normally around two hours, although longer programs can also be arranged upon request. During the dinner cruise, the dhow sails relaxed on the water of the Creek. The other route comprises going out to the open sea, sailing along the shores of Jumeirah and going up to the beautiful yet very futuristic Dubai Marina, which is the world’s largest skyscraper complex, located directly on the beach. During this route, the dinner cruise will sail within the bay of the Dubai Marina so you can enjoy the marvellous sight of the huge skyscraper during eating. Afterwards the dinner cruise will slowly sail back to the Dubai Creek.

Dinner cruise in Dubai normally start from the beautiful dhow wharfage in Dubai but upon request, the dhow can also park in a different place. Dinner served during the dinner cruise in Dubai can be a previously set up menu or a buffet dinner during which guests can choose among one or two main dishes, several types of vegetables and fruits for dessert. The programs include Arabic musicians playing some local music and the show is often topped with a performance of a belly dancer that is a sure favourite for all folklore shows.

When you are on holidays, there is no chance that you refuse to attend a great dinner cruise in Dubai. This is a great program leaving marvellous memories about your trip in this great land.

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