Discover the Famous Dinh Van Jewellery

Today, we find that the demand for jewellery is as strong as ever, and growing stronger by the day. Many international jewelry companies have seized this opportunity and are wooing customers with competitive prices and innovative designs. No doubt, some of the newer designs which are radically different have shocked quite a few people, but nevertheless, they have caught the fancy of a large number of people. And, one of the leaders in the field of innovative design in jewelry is Jean Dinh Van who has immensely succeeded in modernizing jewelry by use of his direct styles.

Jean Dinh Van was the brain behind the creation of Dinh Van Jewelry. He was a person of mixed Vietnamese and French origin who longed to become a sailor. But, fate decided otherwise, and the result is Dinh Van Jewelry which has crafted and created some of the world’s finest jewelry. He set up his workshop in Paris and took interest in everything that was new and happening around him. He looked at the creations of Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin, and Knoll Furniture and set to designing jewelry using radically different and modern styles.

Dinh Van Jewelry is timeless and can easily be distinguished from hundreds of other jewellery. Dinh Van offers ladies and children gentle shaped fine jewelry as opposed to heavy jewelry which is a burden to for ladies, in the literal sense. Dinh Van’s Collections include Menottes Dinh Van, Double Heart, Cible, Chinese Pi, Maillon, Serrure, Impression, and Bridal. In a complete turnaround to traditional styles, Dinh Van came out with styles and designs that were very far from ostentatious and luxurious styles. He shunned what was conservative and traditional and designed jewellery that would create a definite impact at the first look.

Enter into any Dinh Van Jewellery shop and enjoy the beauty of their creations. You will enter into an entirely new dimension where you will be transported into a world of attractive, beautiful, and sensual jewelry never before seen or visualized by you anywhere. More often than not, many people wear jewelry more to impress people rather than show off their beauty. And, Dinh Van crafted beautiful pieces of jewelry that do just that – show off their beauty. His creations have mirrored the needs and wants of the contemporary woman who would love to be free from the difficulties she faces while wearing conventional jewelry and liberate herself from the hassles and discomfort of wearing huge and heavy pieces of jewelry.

He created jewelry using innovative designs having plain geometric shapes and his creations were an instant success. A few examples of his innovative concepts are Razor Blade, Pi, and Cible. He used a basic and fundamental concept, but his inspirations took the world by storm.

Dinh Van collections had the privilege of being exhibited at the last Film Festival in Cannes. Famous personalities such as Laure Manaudou, Rachida Brakni, and Yasmina Hamdan did the honors by displaying Dinh Van’s creations. Dinh Van’s Dubai Jewelry collection is absolutely fantastic and is sure to attract you.

Walk into the nearest Dinh Van jewellery shop and choose something beautiful in diamonds or gold and gift it to your loved one – be it your wife, your girl friend, your fiancée, your mother or your daughter. And remember, no amount of money can buy the beautiful smile and the sparkle in the eye of your loved one.

Dinh Van Jewellery shops can be found at Wafi Mall and at Mall of the Emirates.

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