Discover the Famous Dubai Gold Souk

The naming of Dubai as the City of Gold is not without a reason. The gold trade in Dubai is now considered as the largest in the world and is increasing gradually, day by day. Dubai Gold Souk is not less than the center of Dubai gold trade. The place now is considered as a must-visit spot for the Dubai visitors. It becomes the main attractions of Dubai and it becomes a popular spectacle of the Middle Eastern metropolis. Basically, the Dubai Gold Souk is a traditional market or souk in Dubai, located in the heart of Dubai’s commercial business district of Deira, in the locality of Al Dhagaya. To be precise, the place is located near Baniyas Square at Sikkat al-Khali Street. The north part is bordered by Dubai Fish and Vegetable Market and Deira Corniche. To reach this place is quite easy; it is reachable at walking distance from Deira bust stand. As the place is an international attraction, the form is a beautiful building that figures a web of streets stuffed with more than 300 retailers that trade almost exclusively gold and the other material of jewellery, in very diverse form. The retailers host nearly all Dubai and international brands of jewellery that you can mention.

The reputation of Dubai as the City of Gold will be strongly felt in this souk. Since the Dubai free trade policy of 1940, the number of gold trader is increasing enormously. Since then, the number of traders in the Dubai Gold Souk is increasing too; bringing foreign traders from India and Iran. The stores available in the souk consist are small and big stores; ranges from low-priced to expensive jewellery traders in various brands and origins. That is why the visitors of the souk have various layers of society. Those who can afford exclusive brands will satisfyingly explore the whole market and get their favorite brands. Those who cannot afford the most expensive item can choose to have the lower budget gold, which is also available in various form and pricings. In the Arabian country, jewellery for special purpose is such a great business. Jewellery is a part of tradition that follows every important occasion of people in the society, such as wedding, baby-born, and the other important celebrations. These ceremonies usually require jewellery as a part of tradition as well as decoration; but people who cannot afford the jewellery are left with a few options. Luckily, many stores in Dubai Gold Souk offer special offerings of jewellery renting. This way, those people do not need to spend so much money on buying jewellery, but simply rent it only for the special occasion.

As Dubai has been world famous for the greatness of quality the city has, the prominence of all gold jewellery in the Dubai gold souk is nearly unquestionable. The great pieces of jewellery and other decorations in Dubai are the result of the selected manufacturer’s hard work. Wide variation of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold jewellery and decorations are available in 18k to 24k. On the contrary of the businessman who want to initiate gold business in Dubai, Dubai gold rate should not be the major concern of the souk visitors. It is because most traders in the souk will give special offerings to the featured and favorite products that the buyers intend to buy, as the competition in the souk itself is a challenging matter for them. Other than gold, copper is the material which is widely available in the market. Cheaper beautiful accessories, decorations, and even kitchenware made of the material are the best choice for people who are in lower budget.

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