Secrets of The Dubai Gold Souk

No visit to Dubai is completed without visiting Dubai Gold souk. In Dubai gold souk, you can find varieties of gold pieces at affordable prices. The designs of the gold jewelry vary from traditional, conservative, delicate, and designer to modern. You can purchase gold in different colors such as yellow, pink, and white from the gold souk. Over 300 gold jewelers are there in the Dubai gold souk. Tourists from all around the world are visiting Dubai for gold purchase. The street in gold souk will become packed in the afternoon and evening. Haggling for the gold items is a common view in the gold souk.

Bargaining at Dubai gold souk is like a tradition. So, you should not buy any item without bargaining from the gold souk. Most of the jewelry shops at the souk will be open till 10pm. You can take enough time to haggle and purchase jewelries according to your budget, if you reach at the gold souk early. The gold jewelry pieces can be altered according to the buyer’s wish as every shop in the gold soul has craftsman of its own. You will get the jewelry pieces altered on the same day of the purchase.

Dubai Gold Souk is promoted as a popular tourist destination, especially during Dubai shopping festival. During Dubai shopping festival, tourists are flocking in to Dubai so that most of them will be visiting the gold souk. If you are traveling in a peak hour, then traveling to the gold souk may be very difficult. You can check out the best traveling time to Dubai gold souk either with your hotel or tour agency. Even though, you don’t have any intention to buy gold, you can go to the gold souk for window shopping as it will be a unique experience.

In the souk, you will get glittering gold of 18, 21, 21 and 24 carats. In Dubai, gold selling is promoted aggressively along with raffle draws and special offers at the time of Dubai Summer Surprises & Dubai Shopping Festival. The varieties of gold jewelry offered at the Dubai gold souk are chains, necklaces, pendants, earring, rings and bracelets. Gold price in Dubai is one of lowest in the globe. The price of Dubai gold is determined according to the weight of the jewelry. The gold rate also varies based on the making process. The rate of the jewelry will be higher when it is made by craftsmen than the machine made jewelries.

Some of the popular shops found in Dubai gold souk are ARY Jewelry, Damas, Shyam Jewelry and Joy Alukkas. You can also see smaller shops that are selling traditional jewelry designs. Around 10 tons of gold will be always present in Dubai gold souk, making it as the largest market for gold in the world. India is the largest buyer of gold from Dubai. Gold souk is located at Deira which is the heart of Dubai. You can reach Dubai gold souk from most of the hotels in Dubai city.

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