Discover The Top Jewellery Stores in Wafi City Mall

Wafi City Mall Dubai is a unique shopping, food, fashion, and entertainment destination located in the heart of Dubai. The Wafi City Mall which is considered as one of the most beautiful shopping areas has over 200 shops and more than 60 retail outlets, including jewellery shops. Visitors to Dubai should make it a point to visit the Wafi City Mall if they are looking for a shopping experience that is absolutely different and unique.

Wafi City Mall Dubai is one of the most luxurious and fashionable shopping destinations of Dubai. It is a part of the Egyptian style Wafi City which is a city located within the city of Dubai. And, in Wafi City you will find shops, restaurants, health and leisure clubs, and magnificent apartments. The Wafi City Mall Dubai is a great destination located in the heart of Dubai which has more than 350 shops offering the best brands in the world. The mall has been described as one of the most elegant and stylish shopping centers of Dubai. The construction of the Wafi City Mall Dubai is based on an Egyptian theme and you will find that the mall has three atriums which allows light from the pyramid-shaped ceilings. The Egyptian theme is felt throughout the mall where you can see statues, columns, and mosaic floors.

The Wafi City Mall Dubai has a number of clothes shops, including designer stores that consist of world-famous brands for ladies such as Bleu Blanc Rouge, Caresse, Chanel, Desert Rose, Tigerlily, and Zapa. And for men, the brands offered are Bubati, Canali, Daniel, Hechter, and Pierre Cardin. A new extension of the Wafi City Mall Dubai is the Khan Murjan Souk where there are many shops that sell antiques, souvenirs, and jewellery.

If you are a connoisseur of food and beverages, this is the place. There are more than 30 restaurants for you to choose from, and the aroma of the food will lure you to these food outlets. Here, you will find gourmet cuisine and dishes from all parts of the world and from all the continents. Try the Mediterranean flavors of Medzo, the North West Indian cuisine of Asha’s, the sensations at Fire & Ice, and Raffles Cellar & Grill. Step into the Sevilles for tapas and aperitifs, or the Wafi Gourmet to taste some excellent Middle Eastern cuisine.

The Wafi City Mall Dubai is a virtual treasure house for children of all ages and adults alike. It has a family Entertainment Center, a roller blade skating rink, Encounter Zones, Virtual Reality Simulators, a 3-D animation theatre, and a Crystal Maze. The Wafi City Mall Dubai offers many avenues for entertainment and excitement. The Encounter Zone has a number of virtual rides and games and you need not feel worried about your children – so go ahead with your shopping. There are trained supervisors who will take your children off your hands and take care of them. The Lazy River is a gentle ride for the whole family and which, we are sure, all of you will enjoy. You will also discover a number of musical performances taking place here that you will surely enjoy.

Well, if you are thinking of restoring the harmony of your body and soul, leave yourself into the hands of the expertly trained therapists at Cleopatra’s Spa. Their treatments include body sculpting, muscle toning, facials, and soothing wraps. If you are thinking of physical fitness, there is nothing anywhere else like the Pharaoh’s which is a modern gym and sports club and has the state-of-the-art facilities.

Come to Wafi City Mall Dubai for any of your needs – and you can be sure you will not go back disappointed. This mall satisfies all your needs – be it art, fashion, food, entertainment, or lifestyle.

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