Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart

If you want to see some unique things, during the time you are in Dubai, then you should definitely visit the Dragon Mart. It is a by far the alone standing structure, forming one part of a huge complex that only Dubai can build. This marketplace is unique from different angles and it is one of the most visited attractions of Dubai.

Dragon Mart in Dubai was specifically created to house Chinese traders. This feature does not seem too unique, as there are many such marketplaces all over the world. However, the pure size and form makes Dragon Mart a unique place. It is a project of Nakheel Properties, the company that aims to build the most alone standing structures in the territory of Dubai. Dragon Mart has a shape of a huge dragon, and its length is around one kilometre long. It is targeted to be the Middle Eastern hub of Chinese trade. Besides, it is not the only thing about Dragon Mart.

Let us talk about the huge investment and development of Nakheel Properties a little more in detail. Dragonmart is planned to be just one part of the Dubai International City, currently under construction, which will be really a must-see place when it is ready. This international city is a mixed residential and trade centre containing different quarters, all built in different styles , dedicated to a culture and a land. The International City will comprise quarters named after China, Morocco, Emirates, Italy, Spain, Russia, Greece, Persia, France and England. All quarters have specific buildings to represent that country. Therefore, you can imagine what a wonderful site it is. The International City is located a bit outside of Dubai Centre, next to Ras Al Khor industrial Area. The international City, next to living buildings, also has a business part a central area and an area called Dubai Textile City.

Getting back to Dragonmart, it will be part of the China quarter. The Dragon Mart is a functioning trading centre since 2004, already attracting large number of visitors every day, offering everything that China is producing these years. The huge area, which is 150.000 square meters large, is divided to different sections based on the nature of the product to be sold. For example, there are different sections for clothing part, perfumery, cosmetics, shoes and we could go on.

Dragonmart was built as part of the huge complex, the Dubai International City, which is also an alonestanding complex that will comprise of areas, which architecturally do or will bear the style of a culture or a country. The huge Chinese mall opened its door to the public around the end of 2004. In the Dubai International City, about 10 country’s architectural style is present and this way, there will be different districts as per country. The complex will be a real city-in-city complex and it will be indeed huge. Dragonmart as you may have guessed will be part of the huge Chinatown, but apart from that it still makes an alone stanging complex within the International City. Within Dragonmart there is an incredible number of 3950 stores

Of course, the area is far from being complete, yet Dragonmart is still very much visited by locals or tourists. The prices may be not as cheap as in European or US cities, but they are still considered cheap by locals who often visit Dragonmart if they want to shop some home decorations, {fashion} items, perfumes, shoes and basically everything which Chinese can manufacture, of which we know it’s a lot.

Dragonmart is not only named after Dragon because of the Chinese mythology but also because the shape of the mall was made to resemble a dragon. The shopping mall is huge and from the inside it looks like basically any other shopping malls of Chinese all around the world. Here, you will not look for or count on finding quality or luruxy goods, therefore the mall is largely visited by the poorer minorities who want to save on buying clothes, kitchenware and other sort of home appliances. In Dragonmart, there are both wholesale and retail stores and the first Auchan hypermarket of Dubai has just opened its doors within the mall too, so as you can see it is not only Chinese, which is sold within the Dragonmart.

The China quarter will comprise of beautiful Chinese themed buildings. Dragonmart also has different buildings. First, there is the main building, which is the selling area; this is the head of the dragon. Then in the body of the dragon, we can find the huge warehouses of the sellers’ products. This is really a must-see site for everyone who is into shopping and for those who would like to see the unique blocks of buildings in the International City.

Here, you can find basically anything and everything from food to fashion items or accessories. Take care though and have no exta expectations when it comes to quality. As we know, shopping cheaper Chinese goods have always been tricky and the Dragonmart is no exception from that.

How to get there: Dragonmart with the International City is located further from the downtown area, so you will not be able to get there easily on foot. You will either take a taxi or ask after a bus, which may be going to Dragon Mart. If you are renting a car, you will find Dragonmart along the Emirates Road by the conjunction Nr. 5 next to an Eppco.

Dragonmart is worth visiting, if you want to spend a nice day looking around cheaper Chinese goods. We would not offer the mall for those shoppers who are looking for some outstanding quality goods though. As Dragonmart is not easy to reach and opens relatively late (10.00) it is wiser to visit it in the late afternoon hours, especially in the summer when it’s hot outside.

So, when you are in Dubai, go and spend a day within the Dragonmart and within the International City to see the beautiful, all-different quarters of it. For sure, you will leave with great impressions and with some handy goods bought at Dragon Mart.

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