Dubai International City

Dubai International City is another worldwide unique project designed and constructed by the famous Nakheel properties, which has already given its name to unbelievable projects, many of which has already been realised, such as the palm tree shaped artificial island, called the Palm Jumeirah. Dubai International City contains diverse segments, which all wear the architectural characteristics of great and worldwide famous countries and cultures.

Dubai International City contains the following residential areas: The Central Business District (CBD), Persia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, England, France, Italy, Russia, China and Emirates. The districts named Lake District and Forbidden City had to be put on hold for an indefinite time due to the financial crisis. International City lies in the Al Warsan area of Dubai. One of the best-known attractions of the International City includes the worldwide popular Dragonmart, the biggest themed China market in Dubai. Dragonmart lies in the China district of the International City. The entire international city is built to be self-sustaining, containing hundreds of shopping possibilities and shopping malls in the whole area. The complex even has its own police station.

So, now let us take every district to talk about its characteristics.

China town is located at the end of the China residential area. It contains 2- to 4 storey buildings, all built in traditional Chinese architectural style and the sight of the district is simply beautiful. If you know how traditional Chinese buildings, temples, pavilions look like with all the great forms, shapes and architectural decorations, then you can imagine the beauty of this little China town. China district is the most visited district in the complex because of its highly popular Dragonmart.

England district will surely make you feel like you are in London. Only architecturally, before you would start to miss the rain and fog that are both the characteristics of this European capital. Here, you will see 18th and 19th century buildings, mainly from the Georgian and Victorian Ages. The many colourful little shops would remind you to be in one of the smaller village of London. This is a great, charming district.

You will feel here in this small Paris as if you were walking on the streets of the famous Montmartre, up on the Sacre Coeur hill above Paris. While, from Dubai you will definitely not see the far-away silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, you may still feel free to open the door of one of the dozens of little shops, French bakeries and others selling different goods, many of which are characteristically French.

Persian District
This district is the symbol of the long-time relations between the Emirates and the Persian Iran. Here you will get lost in all the beauty of the traditional domes, all the wide arches and windows. All the colours of peach and blue lighten the whole district. Here you will see the copies of ancient facades of the ancient cities of Bam, Shiraz, Esfahan and Tehran.

If we think of Greece and Greek buildings, we will suddenly see all the unbelievable whites in the Greek sunshine. The Greece district is located at one part of the residential district. Here, the designers are targeting the architectural sight of the ancient, historical Greece.

The Russian district shows some characteristics of the indeed very characteristically Russia, just as how you see it in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Here you will see the onion shaped cupolas, bringing you on a trip to Russia.

With all the Spanish Mediterranean flavour and colours, the Spanish district mirrors the outlook of Sevilla and Tarragona with the representation of all the beauty of Spanish architecture with its beautiful yellow, red and terracotta colours and the Spanish tiled, low-pitched roofs.

Reflecting all the beauty of the Moroccan architecture and the colours, this district is much captivating.

The birthplace of Renaissance, Italy is a great motivation for people to recreate of other countries, the terracotta and Tuscan.

Emirates District
With its unique wind towers, for sure this district is one favourite of the tourists. This site is still under construction

Now you can see how beautiful this whole complex will be when totally completed. Of course, the Dubai International City residential districts contain many attractive apartments, suites and flats and they are quite looked for on the real-estate market. Dubai International city is really an attraction to see.

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