Dubai Business Bay

When it comes to business within the Middle Eastern area, the first city that comes to our mind is almost surely Dubai. Being a business hub for long, now Dubai has the vision to grow even bigger, both in size and in business importance. Business Bay is to realise these plans, a city-in-the city, one we would never see elsewhere in the world. Business Bay is indeed a very promising project, already executed in Dubai.

We could get used to the fact, that when it comes to Dubai we can expect the unexpected. We can see cities within the cities, enormous futuristic residential or mixed-use areas, huge fun water and theme parks, even bigger hotels, artificial islands, all once dreams, which could be realised in Dubai.

Now with Business Bay, Dubai would make a dream come true. This dream was born in the mind of Skeikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, the emperor of Dubai who wanted to make Dubai an overall place, what one metropolis, or one country was not able to offer, all in one.

Business Bay would look fantastic, futuristic. According to the designs, it would be a completely pedestrian area containing countless canals running into an artificially made lake, in the middle of which, the Executive Towers, the would-be heart of Business Bay would be found. In Executive Towers, together twelve towers will serve business and residential reasons. The most interesting fact is as an architectural solution all these towers are planned to be connected by an inner pedestrian zone, so one would not have to go out of the towers. The making of the canal and lake system is right now one big task, for which they already found the solution with a planned extension of Dubai Creek making its salty water a way to run towards Business Bay, so that way, all this can be realised.

The total area of Business Bay will be around 500 square kilometres and it will include 230 skyscrapers, an unbelievable number! In addition, Business Bay will be situated very near to the main artery of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road, which will serve as main traffic road to the Business Bay. The metro line is also planned to have direct connection as walkway to the Business Bay. As is expected, there will be work and living place for almost two hundred thousand people.

In the centre of the Business Bay would be the bay square, the leisure centre of the complex all–in-all a huge area, which will be full of diverse restaurants, bars and all other types of shops.

There will also be a huge hotel for the tourists and other visitors arriving in Business Bay. In addition, the huge complex will have its own commercial and business area. Business Bay has been completed in 2008.

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