Dubai Fashion Week

Like every women in the world, women of Dubai also love shopping and dressing up elegantly. Given the chance, no wonder Dubai has created its very own fashion event, the Dubai Fashion Week, dedicated partly to represent the designs of Middle Eastern fashion designers in order to bring more attention and international audience. It also represents fashion shows of all leading brands in the world; from Paris to Rome, you will see the most fantastic haute couture and prêt-a-porter fashion during the Dubai Fashion Week.

We know that Dubai represents all the wealth and beauty in the Middle East. We can only imagine all the beauty of Arabic textiles, when it comes to the caftan, the traditional wear of women, which they love to wear whenever they have an important event, be a dinner or a party. During the Muslim wedding, a woman exchanges her caftans about six to eight times, so you can imagine what a fantastic fashion show you can see during a wedding. Of course, as it is with women, Arabic women are nowadays more into the “Western” fashion trends, as European and American women are more interested in exploring the Arabic and Muslim style of dressing-up, together with all the beauty of the Middle Eastern and Arabic materials that you can best see in the souks of Dubai. Although being a Muslim country, Dubai has always been open to the new, and ever since there are some western fashion elements that are widely used by men and by some women as well. Nowadays Dubai men prefer the western style suits to their traditional long wear.

Dubai Fashion Week has made Dubai so famous within the fashion industry that Fashion TV has its very own Dubai Fashion TV channel, showing Dubai fashion shows, talking about Middle Eastern fashion trends and representing many fashion shows of Arabic fashion designers as well. Dubai Fashion Week held its very first show in 2005, produced and founded by Capital Marketing LLC, which is a prestigious event-organizer company in Dubai. Since then, Dubai Fashion weeks is co-produced by more international events companies in order to bring out the best out of this great show.

Unfortunately, the Dubai Fashion Week is not an event in which you can take part in, as it is an event, specifically created to bring the attention of worldwide fashion gurus, all the prestigious fashion journals and televisions, not to mention the best fashion designers and huge business companies dealing with fashion in any ways. If you want to attend, you will need to have a good friend working in the fashion industry. Still, we can imagine how high is the number of people attending Dubai Fashion Week if we take all the international and national representatives of the best fashion journals and magazines and all the fashion journalists, critics, stylists and designers who get invitation to attend Dubai Fashion Week.

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