Dubai Ladies Masters

This noble game, golf, originating from the United Kingdom has an ever-growing fame all around the world, from which Dubai cannot leave out. Today in Dubai, there are dozens of best-quality golf clubs of every type and range, offering the beauties of this game.

Due to the equal rights and the fact that eventually each sport will have its women’s branch, golf was no exception either. Dubai, which started to host and also to create international championships from the end of nineties have also decided to organize the first women’s tournament held in the Middle East as part of the Ladies European Tour. This tournament is called Dubai Ladies Masters. It being the first all-woman golf competition has quickly earned fame all over the world. In addition, it is the very first international golf competition exclusively for women, ever held in any Arabic country.

Dubai Ladies Masters traditionally hosted by the world famous best quality course, the Majlis, as being the championship course of the Emirates Golf course.

The very first Dubai Ladies Masters tournament was held in 2006. The most successful women players are mostly from the Northern European part of the continent, namely Sweden, Germany and Denmark with one sole exception of 2009 when In-Kyung Kim won the championship, a South Korean woman who is also, the youngest player of 21 years, ever won a tournament. It is interesting to note that there are indeed physical requirements in golf. We can see that most golfers are a little heavy and a golfer’s height generally starts from 1.70 metres. Therefore, we can see golf has to do with the build and physical factors. If we take the fact that women of Northern Europe are generally bigger and stronger, we can see why they are the best achievers also in the Dubai Ladies Masters tournament.

Dubai Ladies Masters holds yearly tournaments. Its “big brother” is the Dubai Desert Classic, sponsored by the world famous watch brand Omega, already a very well known brand from the James Bond movies. Therefore, from the last years both tournaments have the name of Omega included in their tournament’s name. That is why Dubai Ladies Masters is also called Omega Dubai Ladies Masters.

In addition, interesting fact is that Annika Sorenstam who won the tournament twice and until now holds the most won games of Dubai Ladies Masters, and her follower Iben Tinning, the winner of the 2010 Dubai Ladies Masters both played and won there, before retiring. The women’s tournaments are held every year in December, because of better climate of this season. Dubai Ladies Masters is also famous for its high awards.

So, if you happen to be in Dubai this December, and you are a big fan of golf, do not miss this chance to see Dubai Ladies Masters where the best female players of the world play golf. The Emirates Golf Club features all Dubai Ladies Masters tournaments.

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