Dubai World Championship

One of the biggest golf tournaments of Europe is the European Tour. Dubai is very proud that from the end of Nineties’, it has become one site of the tournament, and most of all, Dubai World Championship has made into a key-position, as the last station of the tournament. From this year, Dubai World Championship will widen with the “Race to Dubai” part as well.

The first European Tour was held in the United Kingdom in 1972 with the plan of holding a tournament with 20 sites. Here, one tournament is held and with a final station, where the finalists of each tournament compete, so the winner would be the one who wins altogether two tournaments. No wonder that such tournament takes a year, especially now, because the number of sites, all being held in the best golf courses of different countries, has grown from twenty to altogether fifty.

As Dubai had started to develop a growing interest in golf, thanks to the growing number of Europeans and Americans out of who more and more arrived in Dubai. The Sheikh of Dubai had seen a great chance in building several excellently designed golf courses in Dubai, each one with the help of European and Intercontinental professionals. The fields were first for practicing and hobby, then starting first in-house tournaments with the main aim that some of the best courses will host international golf events in the future.

The Dubai World Championship is held yearly and together with the brand new site in Dubai, it makes a great tournament. The first tournament in which Dubai took part was the 2009 championship. The holder of the Jumeirah Golf Estates, as coming from its name, is the Jumeirah Hotel group being the richest and most famous hotel group of Dubai. The Dubai World Championship sponsored by DP World, is one of the biggest current golf projects in Dubai, having four huge golf complexes in various themes connected to the elements of nature, like Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. Each golf course has been designed by a leading golf personality. The Dubai World Championship is being held on the Earth course, designed by the top champion Greg Norman. The Jumeirah Golf Estates is developed and managed by the world famous Jumeirah Hotel Group, who has been creating the most luxurious hotels all around Dubai.

The marvellous and professional design of Earth course, together with the great hospitality and luxury of Dubai, has impressed the international audience, which has drastically improved the interest toward both the tournament. As part of the Dubai World Championship, Dubai has developed a consecutive tournament called “Race to Dubai” which will also be an ongoing tour with 50 different sites in different countries finishing the tournament in Dubai.

Last year’s tournament winner was Robert Carlsson from Sweden, won by a second–Hole playoff. The main sponsor of the event was Rolex. The tournaments are held in mid-November to ensure a good, bearable climate for everyone. The interesting fact of the Dubai World Championship is that one does have the chance to apply, even though not a professional, so he enlists in the amateur section.

Dubai World Championship is definitely a great experience for all the golf lovers who have the chance to visit Dubai to take part in this tournament, either as a player or as audience, as for sure it is a great program!

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