Emirates Golf Club

Emirates Golf Club

Emirates Golf Club, together with the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club are the very first and main incarnations of the golf culture in Dubai. Emirates Golf Club is definitely one of the most famous and popular golf clubs in the whole Middle East, operated by the Dubai Golf Corporation, also giving place for most several national and international golf championships of Dubai.

Emirates Golf Club is also the biggest golf club situated in the heart of New Dubai in the new green area called Emirates Hills. It is close to the famous Jumeirah Beach coastline and to the main road of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road. Emirates Golf Club houses three main areas, out of which the main two fields are called Majlis and Faldo. There is also the golf- Academy area surrounded by practicing fields. The famous Dubai Desert Classic and Dubai Ladies’ Masters among many others are held in the Majlis competition field of the Emirates Golf Club.

Due to its very high quality standards, today it is the Emirates Golf Club, which has the highest ranking on the list of “100 best golf courses outside the United States”. The Emirates Golf Club, together with the growing golf industry in Dubai is mainly targeting the North American golf lovers whose expectations are quite high both when it comes to the courses and to the additional services located on the site.

The Majlis area is a nine–hole field that includes six big lakes, specifically made for the professionals, enabling them to be challenge and motivate by its great design.

The Faldo area, formerly called Wadi was to be the bigger and more traditional golf course area out of the two, having fourteen lakes on its ground, specifically meant for those golfers who love to spend all their day out in the fields.

Of the various additional services, there are the tennis and squash fields, the gym with pools inside, a special nursery where children can have a great time while waiting for their parents. The Emirates Golf Club also has good football and volleyball grounds. The club also contains a Spa and Health Centre together with a brand new huge clubhouse, all if which are currently under construction. Emirates Golf Club offers chance for the fans of this game to buy a house surrounded by the incredibly green grass courses on its area called Emirates Hills. Here people can enjoy as much golfing as they can, combined with diverse relaxing activities or even with the chance to try different sports and the other facilities including several promotions, which are normally only for those who sign up to be members of the club. This is a must-do action eventually in any and every golf course.

Emirates Golf Club is really an ideal place for all those, who, on the first place either love golf, or love the relaxed atmosphere of the entire area and would like to try the other facilities of the site. It is a must-visit for those, who intend to spend a longer time in Dubai. It is really worth visiting the Emirates Golf Club.

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