Dubai Ice Rink at The Dubai Mall

Shopping malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets is the beauty of Dubai. Dubai as a tourist resort, has gained an international fame in last two years. Its shopping centres have always been the attractive force. People all over from the world love to spend time in this beautiful land with their friends and families. Dubai is a unique city. According to a recent estimate made in 2010, this city has a population of more than fifty percent of those who are not a pure resident of this land. In last few years, people have started to migrate here. This encourages the investors to spend heavily on shopping centres and markets. There are large numbers of shopping malls in Dubai that have a very good reputation in the market. Dubai Ice Rink is located in the largest shopping centre of Dubai, in The Dubai Mall.

Dubai Ice Rink is recently introduced in Dubai. In a very short span of time, the popularity of this place is touching the sky. Dubai Ice Rink is an award winning organization. And if you are going to there, you will surely learnt how to skate with perfect technique with playing ice hockey. It has the ability to store 2,000 guests at one time with air-conditioned atmosphere. It is a very good place to enjoy with your family members, one of the best place for children.

The price is very low as compared to their services. The rate for 2-hour class is AED 50, and if you are hiring skating board, it will charge the same. Dubai ice rink itself has thrilling facility, to express the first Olympic ice rink to Dubai. They provide many skate board specially made from Italy and it is made in different sizes for children and adult. It is the coolest place to hang out any time in year.

Dubai ice rink is the never-ending journey for everyone. Before you go for skating they will surely check your safety things.
* have you worn warm clothes and gloves,
* don’t carry small children while you are skating.
* don’t use mobile, while If you are skating,
*don’t eat or drink anything and make sure not to make fall anything on ice.
* make sure you have tired your skates tightly.
* don’t carry anything heavy it can make your balance out.
And if you will not follow these rules they will not let you to skate on ice.

Actual location of Dubai Ice Rink is The Dubai Mal, United Arab Emirates. It is basically a shopping mall but its special feature is its indoor skating facility. It is the only mall which is offering such entertainment with shopping and dining.

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