Dubai International Jazz Festival

Dubai International Jazz Festival, first held back in 2002, is one of the main attractions of the Dubai Chillout Productions music production company. The Dubai International Jazz Festival takes place in Dubai Media City.

Dubai Media City, which is part of the Dubai Holding tax-free complex, is a little bit controversial part of Dubai business life. The Media City has been founded to empower and refresh the media activity in Dubai. It offers all tax-free offices on its territory. Due to the latest news though, the whole Media City is severely censored concerning the limitation of programmes broadcasted and the censorship of the internet. This is the normal fashion in Saudi Arabia and in other Muslim countries as well. Anyway, Media City has large spaces enabling the Dubai International Jazz Festival to be held there every year with a growing success.

First started with only two thousand viewers, now the Dubai International Jazz Festival attracts more than fifteen thousand people in 2007. Arabic people love music, and jazz is a long-time favourite everywhere in the world, being a peaceful music played solely for the love of the music without any hidden or displayed messages inside. Jazz is also a suitable genre of music for festivals and larger events because it has about a hundred different sub-styles, making it the least boring.

Yearly dozens of different jazz bands are arriving in Dubai in order to entertain the large audience. The large arena within the Media city that hosts this event is divided into several different parts, with the main stage called Skywards. The main area contains a front and a middle seat area followed by a large standing area. This huge central space is surrounded by five terraces named differently. Behind each terrace, there are lounges where one can relax and have a drink. These lounges are named after the main sponsors of the event, such as Chillout, du, Skywards Emirates and Network Lounges. Today, this stage is one part of the whole festival, but would not be able to cater it all.

Dubai International Jazz Festival is also very proud of the many awards it has received for being the best music festival by the Middle East Events Award. According to the ranking, the Time Out Dubai Nightlife magazine has awarded the 2011 Dubai International Jazz Festival as the best festival. Dubai International Jazz Festival started being 3 days long, which by the end of 2009 has reached 17 nights, all full of concerts and other entertainment programmes.

Thanks to the cooperation of different sponsors, this festival was part of “free concerts for all’ , which means that the audience could go in without any cost for most of the concerts and performances during the Dubai International Jazz festival. In the same year, the festival had extensions to other area of the city creating a huge party-town out of Dubai. Therefore, if you happen to be in Dubai, by the time of the Dubai International Jazz Festival, then do not hesitate to take part in this great event. For sure, you will have a great time!

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