Dubai Powerboat Racing

Powerboat racing in Dubai has gained much importance from the beginning of the Nineties’. Now the city hosts several national and international powerboats racing in Dubai. These events have a growing audience.

Before actually starting to talk about powerboat racing in Dubai, let us see what powerboats are and how powerboat racing around the world happens. Powerboats are normally larger motorboats, also named powerboats because of their shape and larger engine. Both the shape and engine is a big help in gaining higher speed on water. Powerboat racing is also currently one of the most dangerous sports in the world. One boat must suit all security requirements before competing. Now there are powerboats racing competitions, which give the chance for motorized boats too, to compete.

Powerboat racing in Dubai as anywhere else in the world is a relatively new sport. The organizations who organize races are normally from the private sector. Nevertheless, Dubai has invested much in making powerboat-racing competitions regularly held in Dubai.

Dubai, from the recent years has been a very active participant in these races. Today, the European UIM that is the Union International Motonautique holds the biggest races. In USA, there are more organizers, and among the main ones, we find OPA Races. Powerboat racing is also called offshore racing. The offshore is the best solution, as the races must be conducted far from any direct danger zone. UIM has two types of championships, one is the Class one the other is the Powerboat GPS, and both are leading powerboat racing in Dubai to become one worldwide hub of powerboat racing as well. The championships mainly held at the end of each year, starting from November. Now most competitions go in circles, because this is what the viewers can better follow from live and from the television too.

Powerboat racing in Dubai takes place at the Dubai International Marine Club, as it is currently the one, which have all the amenities and facilities to organize this type of event. The prizes of the winners of a powerboat racing competition is not that high as in the other inland motorsports, but it is also said to be a cheaper sport, considering the prices of buying or renovating powerboat.

Powerboat racing in Dubai has become popular in the beginning of the Nineties. Those times Dubai was very open to anything new in its area. Powerboat racing in Dubai has Team Victory, which is one of the best teams in the world, gaining victories at every international powerboat racing competitions, causing a big surprise by this, because everyone considered them as a new team to finish in the worse position.

Well, this time we do not advise you to try powerboat racing in Dubai. This sport is very specific which needs a specific boat and a specific area to exercise. However, if you happen to be in the city at the time of any powerboat racing, then go to watch these fast boats, for sure you cannot miss such a great event.

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