Dubai Work Visa

Dubai work visa, which is in most cases equal to the average residence visa, has many requirements to get. That is why when someone is entering in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, usually gets the tourist visa more easily. In order to get a work visa in Dubai, you must fulfil many requirements. A living work contract, a promise of sponsorship, a required sum of salary and a good state of health are all requirements of being authorised to work in Dubai. Here, we tell a couple of information about how to get the Dubai work visa.

First, although Dubai officially does not belong to any Arabic alliance that would target war or any warlike activity against any nation of the West or the Middle Eastern region, yet it is a Muslim country, in the heartland of Muslim religion. For this reason, entering Dubai is not an easy thing and due to any political changes, the laws can be changed within a moment. For this reason, you must opt for real up-to-date information of the current laws and regulations concerning the visa and the length of stay, together with the requirements. Remember that if you have any signs of Israeli connections including Israeli visa in your passport or Israeli passport, you will not be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates and possibly to no Muslim countries at all.

If you have found your future workplace, you must ask for the help of your future employer, as it is only with their help, you can get the residence or work visa. In order to enter Dubai, you must hold a letter from your sponsor, who promises sponsorship over the stay of yours. Then you must be in possession of a current work contract with the salary and the length of employment. There are two types of Residence or work visas issued for expats. The one is the Free Zone Residence visa, which is only issued to those who work at any of the tax free zones of Dubai, just like the Jebel Ali Free zone. This is a different visa from the regular work visa, as free zones are not under the authority of the Dubai Ministry of Labour.

The regular work or residence visa falls under the Ministry’s regulations and therefore, there are more requirements for getting it. Here is the list of the normal paperwork, which must be given to the authorities in Dubai in return for the work visa:

– Original and up-to-date salary certificate from the employer
– A copy of passport which must be valid for a minimum of six months
– A copy of labour card which you get from the authorities upon arrival with a minimum validity of six months.
– Cash guarantee of AED 2,500 with a cheque deposit of AED 5,000. The deposit is refundable
– Copy of work contract
– Passport photographs, at least 2
– Health card must be shown later on

Residence or work visa is valid for three years; the health card is issued after a health-check in any of the Dubai hospitals, in return form about an amount equalling AED 500. Important to note that work visa and house cleaner or servant visa is a different thing. For servant or house cleaners, the sponsorship of family is necessary. Lonely men are not allowed to sponsor or invite women as house cleaners to their homes. For house cleaners only women who are nationals of India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia are allowed to get visas.

If you would like to have work visa, the best way is to enter Dubai with a UAE tourist visa, valid for 30 days, which allows you time to deal with getting work and all the necessary papers, in order to switch to work visa later on. Dubai welcomes all expats who are healthy and ready to work in Dubai, so bear with the documentation and get a good work in Dubai.

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