Dubai’s Best Chinese Restaurants

We can say that Chinese cuisine is one of the most famous oriental cuisines in the world. Due to the high number of Chinese immigrants who moved to all places, countries and regions outside of China, Chinese restaurants can be found all over the world. Chinese restaurants are using a cheap international method of selling fast food, to the like of the customers. The offers are normally the same at each place, although they may vary slightly depending on the region where it is served.

Chinese have spent a considerable time in finding the offers of foods, which suit best for foreigners. Chinese restaurants are also famous for their economical price and their interesting taste. We can say that Chinese food is among the most commonly consumed foods in many big cities of Europe and North America. There are two types of Chinese restaurants: the higher quality and the buffet style restaurants.

Talking about Chinese cuisine, you might well know that the cuisines change from region to region. In Europe, we know the Shanghai and Chop Suey cuisines the best. Chop Suey equals the buffet style foods, the existence of which in China is questioned.

Dubai hosts all sorts and types of Chinese restaurants. Although Arabic people are not fond of Oriental cuisine, due to the high number of immigrants living in Dubai, Chinese restaurants indeed are highly visited. Let us see some of the best places for you to go, if you want to find a good Chinese food in Dubai.

China Sea
With many on-the-spot dishes, which are prepared at your table and its famous handmade noodles, the China Sea Restaurant is very popular. The restaurant is located in Deira and give can you a great Chinese atmosphere making you feel as if you are in China. The staffs speak English and can help you in finding the best choices for you.

The Noble House
Located in Umm Dubai at the Raffles, The Noble House is really an elegant Chinese place. You will see and taste great dishes over here. The Noble House is among the most visited high-quality Chinese restaurants in Dubai. Here, you will see many wealthy Chinese and many tourists as well. The restaurant has a wide variety of the best Chinese dishes.

Shang Palace
Its name referring to Shanghai cuisine, this place has a great choice of the best Shanghai foods in Dubai. The restaurant is part of the luxury Shangri-La Hotel. The place is famous for their noodles and their helpful staff.

If you feel like going on a food expedition, then start from Deira and go along the Dubai Creek, to see the most colourful choices of restaurants of all types. The Karama district is also great to find Chinese restaurants, as it is the immigrant district. Other places where you can find oriental cuisine and buffets are the shopping malls where you can find all diverse types of cuisine. Dubai is one of the best places of going on culinary expeditions, so do not waste your time at the hotel, go out and see all what Dubai has to offer.

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