Deira City Center

Deira City Center is like a modern souk for the locals. Many local families spend some of their weekends visiting the shops of Dubai Mall and their attractions. Deira City Center is one of the oldest large shopping malls of Dubai, still among the most popular ones.

When you are in Dubai, you will see that almost all the biggest shopping malls of the city have some extra attractions that make the mall itself more popular. Deira City Centre is not an exception from this rule either. In this article, we will see what makes Deira City Centre unique and what we can find here when we visit the mall.

Deira is one of Dubai’s most visited attractions during a cultural tour. Deira that was once the royal and governmental seat is slowly getting back its old shine packed in a brand new outlook. Deira, over the decades could only partly remain restored, its other half being continuously under renovation. If the Palm Deira, the biggest of the Palm Islands larger than an average city, ever builds, then that it will be Deira that will handle the biggest traffic all over Dubai. However, until then, Deira has succeeded to remain the shopping-hub of Dubai, with all of its colourful old souks or marketplaces till the modern shops found in its large mall.

Deira City Centre, as it is in its name can found in the Deira district of Dubai, Deira district is considered the old town part of the city. Deira was the centre of both the government and the municipality not too long ago, about 50 years ago. Deira, today is a very visited district, being the most famous for its souk district. The souks of Deira are the lone examples of the real traditional souk life in the city; therefore, Deira is highly visited by tourists. Deira City Centre can be found in the downtown of the huge Deira, not far from the Dubai Creek. The Dubai Creek is a beautiful riverlike creature of Dubai, by which the smart Dubaians have found the best way to make the sea to go deep into the city. Dubai Creek is a big help for Dubai, with its water and altogether is also a beautiful area. It is one of the most popular parts of the city, especially by its mouth, where you can see the highest number of old style buildings hotels and that is also, where the water taxis go, till they reach the Dhow Wharfage, where you can see the beautiful dhow-vessels of Dubai.

If we see Deira City Center, we can freely say that it is a real shopping paradise for women. Housing more than 350 shops, smaller and larger ones, an entertainment complex with children’s theme park and a huge cinema multiplex, with additionally a large hotel, operated by Pullman Hotel Chain, Deira City Center is one of the most colourful shopping malls to visit.

Deira City Center has many parts, out of which there is more emphasis put on the large Carrefour that is located here and selling everything just like Tesco or Auchan chains in Europe. It is interesting to note, that currently some Arabic countries only let Carrefour to sell their goods. Next to Carrefour, the main attractions visited by thousands within the Deira City Center are the Jewellery and Textile Courts. We can guess how large the variety of both jewellery and textile is over here. Arabic people love gold, especially women and they love all types of textiles as well. Tailored clothes both for men and for women are still the very common over here, especially when it comes to a traditional wedding during which a bride changes clothes at least 4-5 times during one evening. Therefore, you can guess how big is the amount of different textiles needed for all the different styles of wedding dresses.

Deira City Centre is among the oldest shopping malls of Dubai, which have been built in the Nineties. The shopping mall serves as the main shopping mall for the huge number of people who live in the area and it is a primary stop for all the tourists who stay in Deira, as the area is very popular for its lower price category hotels. The shopping mall has all sorts of stores inside, with a high number of fashion stores, accessory stores and Deira City Centre is the most famous for housing the biggest Carrefour in Dubai.

The huge hypermarket sells everything that one should get day by day, from grocery to dairy products, it has a great butchery, bakery and also sells home appliances, electric ware and a basic number of fashion items and interior products too.

Deira City Centre also houses several buffets and restaurants; it has a fair number of jewelry stores and houses several Arabic fashion stores, carpet stores and everything which you may want to take a look at. Deira City Centre is close to the Metro therefore it can be reached easily no matter from which part you are visiting it. The huge mall is full of stores and although it is not the best store for the most expensive fashion brands, it houses a good number of famous streetwear stores such as Monsoon, Promod or Mango.

We can really suggest you to visit Deira City Centre, because it is in the heart of Deira, full of stores of all kinds and because it is really a great shopping mall for the shopping of your everyday portion of food at Carrefour.

Talking about the jewellery, Dubai is long-time world famous for its finest choice of gold jewellery. Although, according to the rules of Muslim religion, only women can wear gold, many men leave these rules behind in the modern times. Deira City Center has a great collection of all types of Jewellery from gold to pearl or diamond.

To mention the entertainment facilities, for the children, there is the Magic Planet Theme Park, located in Deira City Center. It is really a wonderland for kids and it has tons of entertainment programs and facilities for children of all age. They also do nursery for those parents who would like to shop a little bit more. As for the entertainment of parents, the huge cinema theatre of Deira City Center plays all types of films, and there will soon be a Bowling City opening here as well.

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