Shopping at Carrefour in Dubai

Hardly any traveler did not meet any Carrefour during his /her trips abroad. Carrefour is currently the third biggest hypermarket chain in the world, selling everything connected to daily household shopping. In Dubai, there are currently five Carrefour shopping centers and supermarkets in different sizes, so there will be no problem for you to find the nearest one to you during your stay.

Dubai is a beautiful and glamorous city. Its beauty enhances when we talk about its shopping malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Dubai has its uniqueness in these. Its malls and markets are famous all over the world. People from every country visit Dubai during their tour of United Arab Emirates. The thing that attracts tourist towards Dubai is their shopping centers. Carrefour hypermarket is the leading among all shopping centers of Dubai. Basically it is an international market which is made specifically for tourists. It is one of the biggest not in UAE but also in all over the world. It is categorized under hypermarket. It is a joint venture of Majid al Futtaim and Carrefour France. They bring a new trend of shopping centers in Dubai. Both are an international group. Their several projects are running in Middle East as well as western countries. Majid al Futtaim is an established business entity in UAE.

Carrefour is one of the most popular shopping places in Dubai. Carrefour is a French business that was set up in 1959 as a single grocery store, at a crossroad in France near Annecy. Since then, Carrefour owns around 1400 hypermarkets all around the world. Carrefour hypermarket is a symbol of shopping heaven for many. Carrefour has its own brands for many products, which are sold cheaper as is usual with many hypermarket chains. Also in Dubai Carrefour works this way.

First, let us see what hypermarket exactly means. Hypermarket is a type of store, which is a mixture of a supermarket selling mostly groceries and a shopping centre, selling everything else, from fashion items to furniture in shape of having a basic main area and additionally can contain other smaller retail shops as well. Carrefour usually contains one huge single selling area. Carrefour operates mainly in an ownership system, but also has a franchise segment, which is considerably smaller. Interestingly, we think about all the area internationally owned by Carrefour. Carrefour hypermarkets are mainly found in South America, North Africa, Europe and Asia. After France, the most important countries of Carrefour are Spain, Brazil and China.

In Dubai, there are five Carrefour supermarkets and hypermarkets. It is the first international shopping centre, which is in maximum numbers in Dubai. Carrefour hypermarkets in Dubai are found in the Mall of Emirates, Mirdif City Centre. Their small outlets are also established in Deira City Centre and in Bur Dubai. Carrefour hypermarket is a business project, which is held privately by Majid al Futtaim and Carrefour France. They are also planning to extend their business in major cities of UAE. Carrefour starts their business as a small grocery shop in France. They gradually expand their setup in France and with the passage of time they have become the biggest among other hypermarkets of the world. They are in business in all famous cities of the world. Headquarter for Carrefour is in France. Spain, Brazil and China are their main countries in respect of their business.

In Dubai and the area of the whole United Arab Emirates, the stores operate due to a contract between Carrefour and Majid Al Futtaim group. In Dubai, you can find altogether five stores of the Carrefour hypermarket chain. With this number, this is the first foreign hypermarket chain, which is represented in this high number in Dubai.

Between the promotion and discount system, we find the Carrefour Dubai discount coupons, by which you can save some money, if you get one previously following a shopping in Carrefour Dubai. The huge store-chain has also issued diverse cards like the Najm, Salik and ACT Green Cards. Out of these cards, the Najim is for wealthy shoppers, as it is a credit card. Carrefour Dubai also issues gift coupons.

Among the diverse shopping segments within Carrefour Dubai, outside the huge section concentrating on fall sorts of foods and drinks, we find home appliances, car and diy, cleaning and detergents, pet and gardening sections. These are also the clothing and accessories, electronics, toys, TV and audio, baby-care, stationary, kitchen and dining wares, travel and outdoor sports not to mention the beauty section.

Almost everything is available in Carrefour hypermarket. You can purchase each and everything of your need under a single unit. You can purchase clothing, shoes, bags, kitchenware, household items, electronic appliances and much more. Only branded products are traded in Carrefour, a team of professional staff are managing the hypermarket with expert qualities. Security of Carrefour hypermarket is always on the top priority. Services of an international agency are availed. Trained commandos have been given the charge. Security cameras are also installed on numerous locations. A very peaceful environment is created in Carrefour Dubai. Cleanliness of the market has been given special importance. It is an open and spacious centre. You can enjoy shopping in a tension-free environment. Restaurants and cafes are also available within the premises of Carrefour. People visit the market with their families and friends. Wonderful dining facilities are available in the market where you can relax and enjoy fast food of international restaurants and cafes. A singe mosque is also incorporated in the market. Filtered water coolers and proper wash rooms are also constructed. ATM machines of all international banks are also installed in the market. Owners and managing staff of the market are planning to establish boutiques, beauty parlors and saloons in the market.

Carrefour’s offers can be seen in the weekly catalogues of Carrefour, which you can also see online, on the site of the Dubai Carrefour. In the food from around the world section, you can find all sorts of foods from each part of the world, which is famous for their cuisine. So, do not miss the chance, go shopping in a Carrefour in Dubai.

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