Mall of the Emirates

Located in Al Barsha Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates is among the best shopping malls of the world. The huge mall used to the Nr. 1 mall of Dubai for quite a long time and in beauty it’s definitely on the very first place, as it’s a really beautiful mall on the inside, featuring a great atrium and other architectural elements which make the mall really outstanding. Mall of the Emirates also has an attraction that makes it the Nr. 2 must-visit shopping complex of Dubai. So, let us look around in the Mall of the Emirates this time.

Mall of the Emirates or shortly just Emirates Mall is located in the downtown area of New Dubai, in the Al Barsha district. Being the largest mall of Dubai, until the opening of Dubai Mall in 2008, the Mall of the Emirates is currently the second most visited mall of the United Arab Emirates.

The Mall of the Emirates has on offer a huge variety of stores and attractions to its visitors every day. The Mall of the Emirates had first opened its doors to the public in 2005, and it was a great success for the community of Dubai, already having been famous all over the world for their love of luxury shopping. The mall hosts all the most famous and popular brands in the world.

When designing the Mall of the Emirates, the developers had put high emphasis on the entertainment complexes within the mall. Currently, the mall hosts one of the most popular kid’s entertainment centre, called the Magic Planet, which is undoubtedly a great place for children of all ages and highly visited as a great place for family programmes as well. Magic Planet also has a nursery, so if children are bored of shopping, parents can leave them in Magic Planet for a couple of hours. They are under protection of caring hands in the mall. There is also a famous cinema complex within the Mall of the Emirates.

The biggest attraction of the Mall of the Emirates is the Dubai Ski complex, which has become well known and highly anticipated all over the world. We might have heard that Dubai was planning to construct the largest ever entertainment city in its area called Dubailand, but the project has been cancelled together with the hundreds of planned attractions planned to be there. One cancelled project of Dubailand was a large snow-city called Snowdome, housing many snow-hills and a large variety of winter animals in its area. The developers could not make this project, but could at least turn a large part of this plan into reality. The never-seen-before attraction of Dubai is the Dubai Ski, which is even more popular in the circle of locals than for tourists.

Ski Dubai offers one the chance to ski, in the Middle of the hot Dubai Desert. Although it sounds unbelievable, yet it is true. Therefore, you should go to see Ski Dubai, an attraction that also ensures the world; that if it is about unbelievable, then Dubai will definitely make it come true. Ski Dubai is currently among the most visited attractions within Dubai.

The great thing is that you do not have to go within Ski Dubai to see it from the inside. The smart designers have built it as part of the Mall of the Emirates, so that people can look inside of it. This serves as a motivation factor and serves very well for the enlarging of the number of visitors of the Mall of the Emirates. As part of several shopping tours, this mall, together with The Dubai Mall is the most visited place in town.

The Mall of the Emirates can be found in the Barsha district, very close to the biggest attractions of Jumeirah district itself. We could call the centre of Dubai, with its Madinat Jumeirah, a complex of sheer Arabic beauty crossed with a Carribean holiday island, the Burj Al Arab hotel, which is the most famous building of Dubai and the alone standing water theme park the Wild Wadi which is the centre of tourists’ and locals’ attention all the same. This location gives the huge shopping mall thousands of visitors every day. Mall of the Emirates was built toward the end of the Nineties’ and if you look at it on the inside, you will instantly see what makes the mall to be the primary mall of Dubai. The beautiful mall also has one attraction which has made it worldwide known, such attraction which we can clearly call worldwide unique. This is the Ski Dubai, an artificial snow slope where people can actually ski. This is a miniature winter-world within the usually hot Dubai and it is simply great!

Ski Dubai is a wonder for most Dubai people who could never otherwise experience skiing and snow. Therefore, Ski Dubai receives a huge amount of visitors every day, it has ski courses for children and adults likewise and from the Mall of the Emirates, you can get a nice view of the skiing people inside Ski Dubai. The great Ski complex also has a hotel attached to it, where visitors can feel themselves as they would at an Alpine Ski hotel, with an inside view of Ski Dubai and its snowy slopes. All in all, Ski Dubai, with Mall of the Emirates is such a unique attraction which you just shouldn’t miss seeing.

Apart from Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates has plenty to offer for every shopper. The mall has all the luxury stores shoppers need, it also houses the one and only Harvey Nichols of Dubai, the same Harvey Nichols which is so popular in the UK and sells everything from high profile fashion brands, accessories to all sorts of household stuff which also includes furniture. Talking about furniture if you are looking for furniture in Dubai, then you should not miss visiting the Mall of the Emirates, which is famous for housing a large number of furniture stores too. Mall of the Emirates also has a Carrefour hypermarket inside.

Overall, Mall of the Emirates should be among the first shopping malls you visit when you are in Dubai. It can be very easily reached from any part of the town, as it has its own Metro station. Mall of the Emirate is clearly one of the most outstanding shopping malls of the world.

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