Ski Dubai

There are only very few areas in the world that offers such a unique touristic attraction to swim in the sea and sunbathe and within an hour, you can ski down the slopes of a snowy mountain as well! By far the only one place heard of, offering this natural attraction is in California, where one can really make it, swimming, surfing then skiing. The Middle East, with its famous dry tropical climate by far seemed not the place where such thing would naturally be ever possible. However, Dubai has managed to reach the so-far unreachable when it comes to entertainment and architecture. Ski Dubai is the representation of the force of Dubai, the force of money and combined in a huge effort to create something unique. Ski Dubai is a great place, especially for those locals who until now did not get the chance to see or feel snow in their lives.

After the plans of Dubailand consisting dozens of by-far never seen wonders seemed to have floated away forever, Dubai has decided to take action to create at least a part of what was planned in a smaller area having a slightly different look. The Dubai Snowdome would have been the original attraction, which Ski Dubai is offering now, but it belonged to the examples when too big, is unreachable even for Dubai to make it. Ski Dubai is a cool ski-resort created for the locals.

Moreover, it is the truth! Most man-made attractions of Dubai has been created specifically for the tourists or proportionally 50-50 shared with the planned attention of the locals, while Ski Dubai is a resort, which has been specifically built in order to amaze the locals. As said before, since there is no snow in the Middle East, so one can imagine how big the daily rate of visitors is. Finally yet importantly, Ski Dubai is part of the huge Emirates Mall, making it even more famous, as it gives also chance for the shoppers in the mall to have a look at this skiing facility.

Ski Dubai is not operating for many days, but it is already one great and very famous attraction, offering the feeling of slipping from a ski slope, to travel on a ski lift. There are courses of skiing and snowboarding and with special attention to the children. There is a Snow School where they can learn and play a lot with the snow and sleigh down a little hill. One, who knows snow better, might possibly not understand what all these attractions mean to those who could never experience them before and would not be able to do so in the area of Middle East, without the existence of Ski Dubai.

However, even for those who want to enjoy a little bit of diversity in the middle of the desert, Ski Dubai offers a great chance for it. Ski Dubai also offers the chance to rent ski, snowboard or sledge together with the winter clothes, which later one can also purchase in one of the shops of the huge mall.

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