Dubai Snowdome

Dubai Snowdome is one of the cancelled megaprojects, which would have been the finest example of making something unique and never ever seen before in the world. Dubai Snowdome, or its full name Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski and Snowdome is really a plan, which would have offered the most unique and at the same time, the strangest experience of the Middle East.

Dubai Snowdome, together with several other huge projects, such as the Dubai Sports City, the Marvel Theme Park and the most attractive Aqua Dunya Theme Park, would have been one of the leading attractions of the Dubailand project, which was the most enormous entertainment complex ever to be built in the whole world.

Dubai Snowdome would have offered the experience, which so far is strange and never seen, to most people, living in the Middle East, as it has a famously dry tropical climate. This experience would have been the snow itself, the snow in all amounts and many sports connected to snow, just like skiing. Dubai Snowdome would have had not only ski slopes, but also cable-lifts to take the skiers to the top of a mountain, for one to have a feeling to be in the Alps or any other ski resorts.

By looking at the unbelievable computer photos and plans of Dubai Snowdome and seeing the outlook of the complex, we would indeed state that the look of the Dubai Snowdome seems something like a temple or sanctuary of the “Empire of the Snow”. Looking magnificent overall, just as it has been made out of ice, having two huge towers, looking somewhere between a chapel and a rocket-stand, connected by a very huge transparent ball, the “Dome” in the Middle, which would have originally contained most of the snow-attractions. The Swiss or French Alps inspired the main outlook of the interiors, by building the miniature of mountains. The other two leading inspirations regarding the Dubai Snowdome interiors were Christmas-tales and the Tales of Narnia. The huge hall or so-called dome would have also had its Arctic Zoo, including polar bears, penguins and other Arctic animals. Inside the complex, there would have also been a hotel and a snow-entertainment complex. Of course, when skiing or ice-skating, fabricated snow would have fallen from up, in order to make the experience more real. Naturally, there would have been countless unique attractions; some of them would have been the one-and-only, such as the Flying Theatre, which would have offered the experience of flying over the Arctic areas of the world-.

However, construction works of Dubai Snowdome started in 2006, and even many unfinished parts can still be seen in the territory of Dubailand. According to the decision of the United Arab Emirates, the whole megaproject together with all its inner smaller projects has been cancelled, for an indefinite time. Dubai Snowdome would have been one of the most expensive complexes in the world.

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