Dubai Sports City

Who will not want to see such an alone standing complex made solely and uniquely in dedication of all sports? I bet everyone would be, and will be very curious to see such a complex; the Dubai Sports City will one day look like.

Dubai Sports City is another very brave project of the Emirates, a giant effort to give another never-seen attraction to the world. The Dubai Sports City being one main part of the Dubailand mega-project will inhabit an unbelievably huge 46-hectare territory in Dubai. It will contain so many facilities, sites and part and will be offering so many attractions and possibilities, that writing about all of them would definitely fill a semi-big book. Some of the facilities will include a living-leisure complex, specifically dedicated for golf-lovers. Facilities include here is a huge golf territory on the first place, and then come the luxury suites and villas, several restaurants and hotels. The name of the complete area will be Victoria Heights. Other living districts would include the Gallery Villas and the Canal Residence west each offering diverse homes and attractions.

The Sports facilities will include four huge stadiums, the biggest one specifically for rugby, soccer and other track or field sports. One of the stadiums is planned exclusively for cricket, an indoor stadium for multiple types of sports, such as field hockey stadium to mention the biggest. It would also have its own hospital and last but not least, hockey, and the last one solely for Field Hockey. Dubai Sports City would be packed with different Sports Academies out of which, the Field Hockey Academy will be the very first one in the world.

Now, to carry on with the enlisting of those facilities already done and in use, first and most important is to mention the cricket stadium with its 25000-seat area. The golf course is also already in use, called Elis after the world-famous player Ernie Else who is not only managing the club but he was the one who also planned the whole outlook and strategies of the course-field. This, together with the championship golf course included is widely popular. Out of the many academies planned to be situated in the area of Dubai Sports City, it’s the Brandenton Preparatory Academy with U.S. base which is already functioning.

Interesting information is, that for a while, the whole world thought, that the original reason lying behind the building of Dubai Sports City, was the potential interest of the Emirates to apply for the rights to organize the 2016 Olympic Games. But, as it finally came out, Dubai had no such intentions; they just simply wanted to bring out the very best of a well-planned concept.

For the rest of the countless sports facilities and the rest of the promising projects planned to be in Dubai Sports City we will still need to wait a little more. Unfortunately the Global Financial Crisis has effects on the Dubai economy as well. But till then, we can take a look at the existing beautiful stadium, and to wait for the Dubai Sports City to get ready, in order to shine in its originally planned form.

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