Marvel Theme Park

Marvel Theme Park is one of the finest examples of the issue, when businesspersons do not count with one key-element of all business and its possible outcomes. This key-element called the conflict of interests. This is exactly the case in connection with the idea and the potential realisation of the Marvel Theme Park.

The plan of the Marvel Theme park started back in 2007. The plans contained the creation of such a theme park, which have not existed before with such attractions, most of which were not created before by any human being. It only needed one thing: a coalition with one of the production company, to buy the rights from them in order to create the so far un-creatable, according to the ideas shown in their productions, mainly movies. Then, mesmerised by this idea, one of the Emirates wealthiest companies, the Al Ahli Group decided to make an agreement with the well-known Marvel Company, in order to use their name as brand and as a key-element for the realisation of this entertaining entity, the Marvel Theme Park, with attractions based on the sci-fi ideas featured in their movies. It all went as a fairy-tale so the Media started to issue articles on this agreement a little bit too soon.

The Dubai Company though did not count with Disney, who of course came to know of this potential agreement and realised the danger leading them to take the necessary steps. In an unbelievably short time, they bought all the rights from Marvel in 2009. From then on, anyone who would like to sell anything concerning any Marvel production item, would negotiate with Disney first. Although there is some news about successful negotiations, even agreements with Disney, the project seems to have stopped for an indefinite time. There had been rumours that Disney has been working hard on implementing some of the previously imagined plans of the Marvel Theme Park, in more of its Universal Studios.

One really needs to see all the fantastic plans of how the Marvel Theme Park would have looked like. It would have offered such unbelievable attractions, which look more than great and in the same time, they are somewhat hard to imagine in real life. The Marvel Park would have consisted four main areas of entertainment, the City of Superheroes, the Marvel’s Mythic Mountain, the Oasis of Magic and the fourth called Nick Neighbourhood. These four would have been placed around a huge lake.

Although the project has been cancelled, who knows, might be, that we will get to see the Marvel Theme Park one day. It may also contain different element of those previously imagined ones. Anyhow, the plans of the Marvel Theme Park show the beauty of the human imagination, and if one day a this amazing theme park will be done in Dubai, then it is for sure, that it will be worth visiting.

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