The Famous Dubai Palm Islands

Dubai Palm Island refers to the three palm shaped islands that are being developed very close to the shores of Dubai. These three islands, which are known as palm islands, are named as – Jumeirah Palm Island, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira. These islands are supposed to be the largest man-made islands of the world, thereby helping Dubai to become famous as the top tourist destination of the world. It is believed that after the completion of the construction on these three islands, the shoreline of Dubai will increase by 120 kilometers.

The construction and development work on the island is being carried on by Nakheel Properties. The developers of the island believe that on completion of the work, the Palm Islands will become the eight wonder of the world. The Dubai Palm Island will be having several residential complexes, many kinds of leisure and entertainment zones as well as other scopes for amusement. The islands are expected to give a boost to the tourism industry and help to retain the position of Dubai as the number one tourist spot.

The construction work on Dubai Palm Island was being carried out in different phases, keeping in mind the environmental impacts. In the first stage of construction, emphasis was laid on foundation, including transfer and placement of sands. In the next stage infrastructure planning was made and construction commenced, especially with the building of bridges that would link the islands to the mainland. In the last stage, concentration was to be laid on building apartments, townhouses and homes. The construction plans on these islands kept changing time and again due to several factors, which caused a delay in the development and construction of the islands.

The islands of Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali will have the shape of palm trees. They will have a trunk, along with a crown that will have 17 fronds. Surrounding this, there are plans for creating a crescent island. Dubai Palm Island will be a tourist hot-spot with more than 60 luxurious hotels. There are plans for more than 4000 residential villas that will be available for sale, nearly 1000 residential homes and more than 5000 apartments. There will be every kind of amenity and facility available for the residents, which includes every aspect of their security too. The islands will include several water theme parks, exciting shopping malls, health spas, sports complexes, marinas and many dive sites for the entertainment of the guests. This is truly bound to be a tourist’s paradise.

Dubai Palm Island or the Palm Diera is expected to be the largest of the three islands which will cover 14 kilometers. The residential areas will be beautifully located in the 41 fronds, providing a magnificent view of the ocean. There are plans for the construction of more than 8000 town houses or villas in the island which will be mostly two – storey villas. These houses or villas will be available in different styles in the form of Grand villas, Vista Town homes, as well as Premier Villas. The sale of all properties in the island will be done on freehold basis.

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