Dubai’s Love Affair with Designer Jewellery

It is easy to find desert area in the city of Dubai, but other than that, the easy thing you can find in the city is the designer jewellery. As the “city of gold”, it is how Dubai named, there are so many jewellery stores spread in all the city’s corners. The products sold in the stores are the products from the local manufacturers to the international brands of jewellery. Designer products are usually highly sold because its popularity and reputation from the international jewellery marketplaces. There are some choices of place in which the jewellery enthusiasts can find their favorite collections of jewellery from famous designers.

Big designer houses try their best to give attractive innovations that can take the attention of their loyal customers. Not only that, the company or the houses of the design should also choose the strategic marketplace and the perfect place to let people find their products easily. In this case, Dubai is perfect place to do it. Long time ago, the city of the desert will not gain this title. Yet, since Dubai started to put much more interest in terms of tourism, skyscrapers and more buildings were built to satisfy the need of increasing business growing in the area. Many shopping malls were established, enabled the jewellery market growing a long with the development of general sectors in Dubai. The city finally earns a bigger name by being the playground and the favorite city for the big and rich people. Business is rapidly increasing; it becomes the gravity for the global entrepreneurs and serves as a big market for nearly all sectors and fields.

Designer brands are identical with luxury and exclusiveness; they are easy to find, but not attainable for all layers of society. However, since the pride and the satisfaction to own the products are massive, more people put their best efforts to purchase even only one item of the brand. Famous brands never want to lose the attention of their loyal customers; therefore they will always come out with the best, competitive designs; that have timeless design quality. Since Dubai is now considered as prestigious market, when a brand decides to enter the Dubai jewellery market, it has to be ready with the rough competition with the other big names in the industry. It is somewhat risky and challenging fact. However, with the high consumerism of Dubai society and the thirst of the international tourists toward the best quality jewellery, it is very worthy to open the showroom exhibiting their collections in the city.

Local jewellery is highly sold in Dubai, therefore the competitors of the international designer brands are not merely the same international designer brands. The condition will be more challenging for them. In fact, the Dubai people who open their business in the jewellery industry will consider designer brand as an optional commodity. Most people will prefer authentic Arabic jewellery since it is the distinctive thing that will be found only in Dubai. Still, the Westerners live in the area and the locals who want to get different experience of jewellery shopping will try to visit the showroom of the designer products. The best place to find the products is the shopping mall. In the Dubai, the heaven of high class shopping malls, it is not a difficult task to do. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, The Marina Mall, the BurJuman Centre, Deira City Centre, the Ibn Battuta Mall, the Jumeirah Boulevard, and the Al Ghurair Centre are just some examples of big shopping malls in Dubai. The Bloomingdale’s and the Saks Fifth Avenue are also available in Dubai.

There, the customers will find any brand of designer jewellery, from the Middle Eastern market, Asian market, American market, and even European market. The most famous brand in the world such as Gucci, D&G, Chanel, Dior, even Armani, and the other world-known trademarks are easy to meet. The brands from nearer market such as Damas, Samra, and Joy Alukkas contribute also in giving the prominent jewellery for the loyal customers of Dubai jewellery marketplace. Surely, one day will not enough to visit all the showroom of the collections of designer brands in Dubai.

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