Encounter Zone

Those who are fond of shopping any- and everywhere in the world might have already heard of Wafi City, with its Wafi Mall, the big pyramid like shopping centre, situated in the Al Nasr district of Dubai close to Dubai Creek. Wafi City is not only offering unlimited chances to shop, but also to have fun in its fun park, the Encounter Zone. It gives a great chance to have a great relaxing time before, after or even during their shopping spree.

The huge shopping area is not the only characteristic that makes Wafi City so different from the other shopping cities, but also its style, specifically made by the inspiration taken from the ancient Egypt. When walking in the building, we might feel as if we are taking a journey to Egypt.

Wafi, together with its Encounter Zone Theme Park has been opened in 2001 and immediately become one of the most visited shopping – entertainment zones of Dubai. The huge complex developed and operated by Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, a very well known hotel and real-estate company from Canada. The hotel within Wafi City is sensational, called the Pyramids equipped with every contemporary and authentic decorations, all must-haves, to create a nice pyramid interior, of course way sunnier than the inside of pyramid. Encounter Zone is located within the larger than large Wafi Mall and while one part of it consists mainly of quarter restaurants, bars offering various attractions from food to dancing, its other part has all the fun for children to enjoy.

Among the numerous facilities and attractions of the Encounter Zone, we must mention the beautiful rooftop gardens created in order for the guests to relax, and to enjoy the many live-shows of entertaining artists, with topics taken from the Arabic folklore, dances and music of the Emirates. The restaurants located in the Encounter zone are all high quality ones, offering specialities in diverse cuisine.

The thrilling zone is classified into two major sections of Lunarland and Galactica. Each category provides timeless experience of entertainment and thrill and it has followed the specific themes to make the most of your day.

The zone planned to house attractions for the children within Encounter Zone, called Lunarland offering a great playing-time for children of every age from toddler to teenager. The entire area is a proof of colourful imagination, on the design and the toys of Lunarland. The facilities here range from computer-games to rollercoaster, also including funny shows such as the Horror Show and the Crystal Maze. There are 3D movies featured in the cinema of Encounter Zone. One can play paintball as well.

Lunarland follows the theme to bring the physical assertion in fun and helps in exploring the creative aspects in the park. The major attractions include cater challenge that indulge the children in a challenging task and provide innovative mazes that needs creative thinking to solve the fascination of Encounter Zone. The command centre gives access to the aliens and related toys for play. The space station gives you a thrilling ride with the complete twist at 360 and the capsule provides the ultimate look of a real space ship. The roller racer is specifically designed for children to by wiggle power. The lunar module is the area where children enjoy playing with the soft toys and the ball pool is exclusively designed for toddlers. There are enormous redemption games in Encounter Zone with absolute challenging tasks to enhance the creativity in young minds.

Galactica is the theme for providing fun not only to the kids but also to all the adventure lovers who has the passion for innovative sports. The tomb in Encounter Zone is the challenging task with the real scary factors. The indoor theme game is commendable for its artistic designing and display of the characters. For all the passionate skaters, GXpress is the ultimate place to sharpen the skills and enjoy skating with all the free moves. Max flight is the perfect roller coaster to turn the visitor upside down and in all major twists. The revolving body moves in all directions and leaves you deciding to try it enormously at the Encounter Zone.

Although the home personal computer is home to many latest games, but, the ones offered in portal reloaded has no compatibility with any other game. The latest collection keeps the children sit in front of the PC for maximum time. The games help in enhancing the thinking capacity of the children and boost the problem solving approach in their young minds at Encounter Zone. FX simulator is simulation ride to the 6 innovative tracks of roller coaster. The paint ball is the ultimate battle zone promise to give the best fun in town. The different levels and stages of the game keeps you motivated to utilize the best skills in winning at the Encounter Zone.

The two zones of the park provide the best time ever; from the cutest soft play to the complex strategies adopting to get the maximum score. Encounter Zone is pen throughout the week and charges nothing for the entrance, yet there is some minimal amount for rides and gives you the thrill that you must have not experience anywhere in the world.

The Encounter zone is overall a great place for everyone. A single day is just not enough to try out just everything among the many attractions and shows that this magical place has to offer. When in Dubai, never miss the chance to visit the Wafi City together with its Encounter Zone, offering a fun-day for all the family. Encounter Zone is open every day of the week with the sole exception of Fridays. There is no entrance fee only when it comes to the electronic toys.

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