Exquisite Jewellery Collection of Damas

When in Dubai if you do not get to buy any of the fantastic collections of jewellery this metropolis has to offer, then at least you must see them and get to know about the biggest jewellery houses and manufacturers who are coming from Dubai. Damas Jewellery is one of the most famous jewellery manufacturers of Dubai. Damas Jewellery started back in the Seventies’ and today, it has stores in 18 countries all over the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Damas Jewellery started when a jewellery maker cum goldsmith Mohammad Tawfique Abdullah started his occupation, in producing and selling jewellery and gold wares in Syria. The family was already wealthy when they moved to the United Arab Emirates with the intention of opening their store there. Due to the good quality jewellery, the first store of Damas Jewellery that was still on the name of Al Abdullah Jewellery Traders managed to open in the beginning of the Seventies.

Damas Jewellery later on has enlarged its area of operation, which was not hard, because of the great attention and number of costumers who have already become regulars in the Damas Jewellery Shop. Damas has become a brand not long after and its jewellery was sold at that time already in several stores.

As of today, Damas Jewellery Group has its own stores all over the Middle Eastern Area and India under the name Da’amas, and counts as one of the most famous jewellery brands of Dubai, and the Middle East.

As of Europe, you can get the goods of Damas only in Italy by far, but this will change, and the beautifully crafted and designed jewellery of Damas will be available in more countries. Damas is keeping up with the Internet-Age. You can buy any jewellery on the Damas official website and it will be delivered to you on the next day, in case you are in the territory of United Arab Emirates or within a couple of days by FedEx, in case you live somewhere else in the world.

Damas has great collections of jewellery; its huge offer is categorized differently. First, it is categorized according to the prices, selling exclusive and standard quality, and according to events, selling jewellery for special events or for daily use.

Damas operates in three types of stores. The first ones are the exclusive stores called Les Exclusives, where they wait for the wealthy customers for selling to them the most expensive and unique designs. Of course, it is no surprise when it is about Dubai, that the number of visitors in this shop is quite high. Then there is the Semi exclusive and the Damas 22K stores specifically designed for standard customers such as tourists and locals with lower income.

You can find just any jewellery when looking around at a Damas Jewellery Store, all gems and all types of gold and metals are here. The designs of Damas are simply beautiful; it is no wonder that this brand is one of the most famous in Dubai. Other brand names under Damas Jewellery include Fior, Kiku Pearl and Fulla Kid’s Collection, a jewellery range specifically designed for children and teenagers.

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