De Beers Diamonds: The Ultimate Symbol of Luxury in Jewelry

When it comes to luxury jewelry in Dubai, few names command as much respect as De Beers. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable design, De Beers has long been a favorite of those seeking the finest jewelry in the world. As a city that is renowned for its opulence and glamour, Dubai is the perfect backdrop for De Beers’ stunning creations, which embody the beauty and sophistication that the city is known for. From sparkling diamond necklaces and earrings to statement rings and bracelets, De Beers has a collection of jewelry that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. With a presence in some of Dubai’s most exclusive shopping destinations, De Beers is the go-to destination for those seeking the ultimate in luxury jewelry.

Diamond is the hardest material and considered as a precious collection of every individual. The beauty of diamond is not merely about the investment of wealth, but also and tradition. So it is believed by De Beers, a famous diamond jeweller of the world, that has been craved its named in the international jewellery industry for over a century. The recent President of the De Beers Institue of Diamonds beautifully expressed that the beauty of diamond is impossible to measure since beauty is an arbitrary entity. The only way to tell and express the beauty of diamond is by describing the Fire, Life, and Brilliance properties of the diamond. How beautiful rainbow effect produced by the dispersion of the light of certain diamond is about the fire. How perfect the sparkle of the diamond in the eyes of the witnesses is about the life. And how bright is the diamond shining when it is put in the center of its crown is about the brilliance of diamond. With such a deep understanding about diamonds and the total knowledge about diamonds, the company moves on in the jewellery industry.

All De Beers collections; rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and the other unique form of jewelleries are crafted using high ethos of craftsmanship. The special distinctive products by the brand are the lucky coins by De Beers. It proudly presents the series of the eye of good fortune in the form of Lucky Coins Collections. It motivates people to have a good wish to the coins and to innovate them into something more personal and secret, as a private totem to give deep self-motivation. There are eight choices of design in yellow, white, or rose gold. The products are very worthy to stay in your precious products’ cabinet. Recent magnificent creation from the company is De Beers Talisman Crown. The Crown was made in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The holiness of diamond as an important symbol of prosperity is very close to the reign of the queen and king, therefore the Crown is made using the same compassion. The diamonds used to create the crown are 974 finely selected diamonds. The top of the crown is decorated with the central 73 carat rough diamond, as if it symbolizes the peak of the Queen’s power. The Talisman Crown is proudly exhibited on the display at Harrods from 15th May to 15th June 1012.

Coin can stand alone or be worn as part of a collection. Valuing the legacy of ancient diamond jewellery making, the company creates innovational designs using recent days’ tools and education. The dedication is in every effort of the company’s artisans so that each cut is no less than precise and each capturing of the light is in excellence. The ancient heritage is never left, even though the company follows the recent development and knowledge on diamond jeweller making. The most important thing is that the company is able to produce high quality, reliable, matchless diamonds, which spark timelessly.

Just the same like the craftsmanship, the design of the diamond from De Beers range from classical into the contemporary one. The classics are those unique and outstanding diamonds which are carefully elected and set by the brand, to be the customers’ precious and timeless collection of all time. The contemporary designs are manufactured attentively to be able matching the stunning and rare diamonds in the library of the company. The taste of dynamic contemporary design is the aim of the manufacturer; going beyond the edge of artistry and craftsmanship to valuing the legacy as well as cherish the natural excitement of a diamond. Every company has a beginning, and the company of De Beers has the same story of success. From a single showroom, the expansion of the company has reached four areas of Asia, Europe, Middle East, and America. There are three stores available in the Middle East area, and two of them are located in Dubai. The first store is in the Dubai Mall and the second one lies in the Mall of Emirates. To capture the real value and beauty of diamonds, the company exists; and to give customers their outmost the satisfaction, the company lives.

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