Find Jobs in Dubai’s Banking Sector

If you are a banker, having learned at a financial school or have a certification, backed by the appropriate knowledge for making you being able to work in a bank in Dubai, then it is your high chance to do so. Of course, life is not easy, neither in Dubai. Even if you are a native speaker of any of the five main world languages in the world, it will not save you from the requirement to speak an impeccable Arabic as well.

That is the factor, which limits foreigners the most, when they are up to finding bank jobs in Dubai. Of course, there are a few services or businesses where it is not exactly a must, but locals who want to deal in Arabic, will not be as enthusiastic when facing you.

If you are not in the position and have no Arabic origin, which would enable you to know the language but have some good strong certificate in banking and business, and you also have the experience for working in a Dubai bank. Then you can go for it. Many international banks are operating offices in Dubai, so all you need to do is to send out your CV and wait. However, it has to be a good CV containing just everything, which might be handy for any future employees to know about you, talking about your positive qualities only, over here.

If you do not talk Arabic, then you will need to speak at least French, Spanish or Russian. Russian knowledge is now more looked for, so use this chance to enrol in a Russian course and to gain more chances for you. Dubai bank jobs require multiple language knowledge many times, and if you do not talk Arabic, you might need to know even more for bank jobs.

Dubai banks are also a different place. It is because of the religion of course. Islam puts emphasis on all matters of life, including banking and business. There are dozens of Islamic banks operating in Dubai, who will not give you bank jobs if you are a women. They simply will not employ women only with the very few exceptions of those, who will deal at one of the few women’s banks, which will also not be suitable for you, as the women are more likely to speak only Arabic and even they do, you will not know how to deal with them at bank jobs.

Of course, Dubai banks have so many type and segments of bank jobs, any of which can be useful for you to start working. The starting salary is not good at a bank, around 1-3000 Dirham, but if you survive, here, you have the chance to be upgraded. This means a lot better salary for you from time to time. Dubai people will require you to work very well. Do not forget, that no matter where you are coming from, there are five others waiting for you to lose your bank jobs, so that they can get it for themselves. Therefore, that is why listen to more advices regarding bank jobs.

For more information and application to some of the banks, check out the websites of the RAK Bank, the HSBC bank and the Gulf banks. See reviews about their quality. Most banks have changes on their websites. If you cannot reach them in English, then check out which one of the banks of your country might see for an employer in Dubai and apply from home. That is the easiest solution apart from the internet. Check out the websites, and then the job sites considering bank jobs in Dubai.

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