Visiting Galeries Lafayette in Dubai

If you have visited Paris ever then you must be aware of Galeries Lafayette department store, which is famous for its world-class products all over the world. It opened its very first outlet in Paris, and since then, it has become a brand that sells all sorts of luxury products. You can find Galeries Lafayette department store in the famous Dubai mall, which is a city within a city at the foot of the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Mall caters the needs of all kinds of fashion lovers as it displays goods arriving from Paris, which is the fashion hub of Europe. This was the first ever luxury shopping mall that opened in Paris, and ever since, its name have become a brand of selling all sorts of luxury products.

The fact that Galeries Lafayette opened its very first international franchise-shopping centre in Berlin indicates a new era in the fashion industry of France and Europe. The Dubai Galeries Lafayette can be found in the world famous Dubai Mall, and you can be sure to have a beautiful experience if you visit this beautiful shopping mall, which is full of goods arriving from France, the hub of luxury fashion in Europe.

Today, you can find Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris, New York, Berlin, Trump Tower and in Dubai. It has its first outlet in the Middle East. There had been negotiations between the management of Galeries Lafayette department store and Dubai on the opening of their Middle Eastern franchise that would be their first ever venture in the region. Dubai Mall was decided to be the place for opening this store, which is the most famous shopping outlet and business centre of the best international brands.

Galeries Lafayette opened its very first, and still most visited shopping mall already back in 1896, as one of the very first fashion department store all over Europe. The original building of Galeries Lafayette is more than beautiful, looking like a cross between a Christian dome and a beautiful French Baroque castle. Today, the biggest Galerie Lafayette is found in a huge building and it offers all sorts of fashion and cosmetic items on 10 floors! By this, today Galerie Lafayette house is the biggest shopping centre selling items through one brand, in a large ten-storey shop. Since then, France has become world famous for its best designers worldwide.

Gallerie Lafayette decided to adapt the franchise-system, as the most successful shop-system in the world. Of course, to open a Galerie Lafayette store, you must fit the very high and strict requirements.

Today Galerie Lafayette can be found in Paris (with two central stores), in Berlin, in New York, in the Trump Tower, and in Dubai, being the first shop in the Middle East and the next one, being the third non-European store, will soon to be open in Casablanca Morocco, in the Morocco Mall.

From the beginning of the 21th century, there have been negotiations between Dubai and the management of Galerie Lafayette on the opening of their first Middle Eastern franchise shopping-mall within the luxury Dubai Mall, specifically designed to be on one hand the biggest shopping mall of the world and secondly a centre of the best international brands and shops.

Getting back to the Galeries Lafayette Dubai, in the Dubai Mall, it occupies an enormous twenty thousand square meter area, selling all sorts of luxury items straight from France, starting from the luxury cosmetic items from where you can get to the accessories section selling all sorts of beautiful accessories, from belts and bijoux to handbags. Galeries Lafayette also has a beautiful catering section with a café and a restaurant. Other extra services of Dubai Galeries Lafayette include gift-wrapping, personal shopper or personal advice regarding fashion and interior design questions.

Once you enter at the famous Galeries Lafayette department store then you will be instantly transported to the eccentric beauty and charm of Paris itself. Laid out on an area of 20,000 square meters on over three floors, you can easily wander between the world-class French labels and buy the best fashion wear. The reason that makes Galeries Lafayette the hottest shopping destination is the store’s dedication on presenting only up-to-date and diverse items on display. This makes your shopping experience new every time.

The kinds of stuff that you can find at Galeries Lafayette departmental store include accessories, fashion wear, fragrances and cosmetics, watches, jewelry, handbags and interior decoration. Apart from finding all sorts of latest trends in terms of fashion in accessories at Galeries Lafayette department store you can also find the most happening interior design collection at the store.

The fact that Galeries Lafayette is dedicated to the latest and luxury fashion makes it a buyer’s favorite. The shoppers are invited here to discover the latest trends from not only the top designers but by talented young stylists as well. There is a beautiful catering section at the store containing a café and a restaurant too. You will find certain other services at the store, which includes personal shopper, gift-wrapping and personal advice regarding interior designing and fashion questions.

Hence, if you happen to visit Dubai then it is recommended to take a shopping tour or a big walk to the Dubai Mall where you will also find the beautiful Galeries Lafayette. It is the best French store in the world for satisfying the needs of all kinds of fashion lovers. The store remains open throughout the week. However, you need to check out Friday timings of store opening; besides this, you can visit the mall throughout the day anytime. Because the store contains such a wide variety of stuff, people get more attracted to this store than anywhere else.

Therefore, if you are in Dubai use your chance to take a big walk or a shopping tour in the Dubai Mall, where you can find the beautiful Galeries Lafayette Dubai, which is the best French fashion store in the World. The store is open every day of the week, you just need to check out the Friday openings, besides that, you can visit this unique luxury shopping centre anytime, during the day.

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