Getting Hair Transplant in Dubai

Hair transplant is becoming more and more famous among the types of plastic surgery in Dubai. More and more clinics are opening in Dubai specialized in hair transplants and it seems to be a great business which at the same time gives hope for many, who did not think of hair transplants previously.

More and more holiday resorts are getting specialized in diverse sorts of plastic surgery. The holiday beauty treatments have been fashionable in the recent years, together with cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic or plastic surgery has diverse types ranging from surgical to non-surgical methods. Among the most famous plastic surgery, we can find the eye line filling or eye surgery for those whose need is bigger than Botox or similar methods. Other famous surgery contains the nose correction, the breast enlargement, the liposuction or tummy tuck, and now; the newcomer is the hair transplant. Let us see what chances Dubai offers for patients today.

Dubai hair transplant is executed through two different ways. One needs no surgery and this is becoming popular nowadays. It is called FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, which is ready in about 6-8 hours and needs no anaesthetics. The other is the older method with surgery called Strip Hair Transplant. With the FUE, they transplant follicular units of hair into the zones necessary one by one. With the Strip Hair Transplant method, bigger units are transplanted into the area where they are necessary.

Both methods need hair from the patient himself or herself. This is right now the only way, as the scalp skin may not welcome hair of others, also the risk of infection would go extremely high. Normally, they take hair from the neck area where hair tends to be the densest.

The recuperation time of the two methods is very different. Patients who had FUE method of hair transplant can go home right after the treatment, although they must keep the necessary security and take antibiotics for a couple of days. With the other method, the recovery is much longer.

The thing is, that before the execution of hair transplanting also in Dubai, there is a consultation with the patient, in order to discuss the hopes and the expectations. Sometimes of course, expectations seem to be too high. Hair transplant has been modernized but still it might not be able to give you as much hair as you would wish to have.

Of course, hair transplantation is not cheap at all. You must also look for a very good and trusted clinic. The best hair transplant clinics in Dubai are the Dubai Hair Clinic, The Alviarmani, which is an international award winning chain of clinics, and the Dubai Surgery, just to mention a few examples. Apart from this, there are more clinics all over Dubai.

Most hair transplant clinics employ an international crew in order to be able to cover the patient’s needs a lot more effectively. If you are considering hair transplant in Dubai, do not hesitate to visit more clinics as most of them offer their first consultation free.

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