Gold Jewellery Made by Adler

The history of Adler Jewellery is colourful. Starting up in Istanbul and continuing in Geneva, the Adler Gold Jewellery is one of the most elite brands of Dubai today. Established and being in the jewellery industry for over 120 years, the creations of Adler bring us the shiny and modern Europe mixed with the exotic style of the Middle East. Let us see where we can find shops of Adler in Dubai.

The founder of Adler, Jacques Adler was born in the Habsburg Monarchy in the mid 1800’s studied jewellery making in Vienna. After he has seen that he has collected enough experience on jewellery, he has come to the unique decision: instead of getting the best gold brought to him, he decided to go where one of the best gold jewellery artists of the world live: to Istanbul. The first Adler Gold jewellery opened its doors to the public in 1886 in the heart of Istanbul, in the main quarter of goldsmiths’. Here while making his first collections of quality jewellery; Adler learned a lot on the unique ways of creating beautiful gold and diamond jewellery the way Turkish do. On their collections, you will clearly feel some of the Turkish spirit which is with the company ever since.

In the 1970’s, Adler Jewellery decided to make a step toward being famous in Europe too, with the opening of its first jewellery store and moving its business in the same time to Geneva. This was a great strategic decision as the role of Geneva being the heart of European luxury watch and jewellery making was always notable. The first Adler shop in Geneva was a sound success and Adler soon opened other stores in Gstaad, in Moscow and in Dubai where today there are two stores where you can get to see Adler Gold jewellery. Other stores of Adler gold jewellery can be visited also in Hong Kong and in Tokyo. Over the last 120, Adler has managed to stay a fully family firm, managed today by the grand-grandchildren of Jacques Adler, his spirit and passion for jewellery making has clearly remained in all the creation of Adler Gold Jewellery.

Adler does not have its collections because it has chosen another way, harder type of market with the selling of exclusively high-end jewellery, the so-called haute couture of jewellery. Therefore every single piece of Adler Gold Jewellery are unique in their outlook and appearance and were made with the use of the very best materials, starting from the precious metals they are made and ending with all the precious gemstones used for jewelleries as decoration. The style of Adler is colourful and highly stylish. Adler jewellery keeps an open eye to the newest trends.

In Dubai, the retailer of Adler Jewellery is the Istana Jewellery. Istana has been on the market of Dubai gold and diamond jewellery making and retailing for long enough. There have two stores today in Dubai featuring the luxury items of Adler Gold Jewellery, one in the Dubai Mall, the other located in the brand new BurJuman Shopping Mall.

As you see when you are in Dubai and you are looking for something unique and precious, do not forget to pay a visit to Istana Jewellers to see some of the exclusive creations of Adler Gold Jewellery. Dubai, the capital of jewellery in the Middle East loves the style of Adler gold jewellery.

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