Growth Opportunities in Dubai Investments

Dubai is now being referred to as the land of investments. The emirate has an impressive track record of 20 years of stable and potential growth in the economic field, development of infrastructure and political matters. Dubai was once known to be the premier business hub of Middle East and is now one of the most renowned centers for international business as well as re-exports. There has been a significant rise in the number of foreign visitors to Dubai over time and the figure is still rising every year. These reasons definitely stand as evidences for the recognition that the emirate has earned as – the land of investment.

Dubai has been transformed into a worldwide business center in the past few decades with various companies introducing their new operations and also having their branch offices opened in the emirate. UAE’s currency rate is one of the major attractions for investors, apart from the tax free policies and lower property prices. This has actually brought in investors to Dubai from every corner of the globe. Dubai was previously a land of deserts where people survived by farming dates and today the emirate has witnessed incredible transformation that has made the city a prosperous modern metropolis with potency in the fields of technology, service, trade and manufacturing, invigorating the economy and accumulating huge investments from foreign lands.

The city’s geographical propinquity blended with talents as well as markets of Middle East, southern and northern Africa and Indian subcontinent honored with the classy infrastructure facility, the emirate is fast racing to become a flourishing business hub. Dubai is the world’s tax free port with no hassles of income tax or sales tax and that makes the emirate the most lucrative and ideal location for investors from foreign countries to start off their business or have their branches opened here in Dubai.

Furthermore, Dubai is up-and-coming as the world’s recognized property market. The salaries out here in Dubai are tax-free which makes it reasonable for the foreign residents to live here in good accommodations.

Investment prospects in Dubai are comparatively high in regards to the other emirates. This has opened new doors for investors who intend to invest in this towering city. The prospects of investments are indeed very high, bright, tempting and advantageous. Dubai, the emirate, is also astronomically different from all the remaining Arab nations and this has been contributed by the contemporary and cosmopolitan outlook of the city.

Some of the major reasons for bright prospects of investment in Dubai are noted herein:
– The favorable rate of exchange.
– The pleasant weather conditions; mostly sunny all through the year.
– The emirate is a true epitome of globalization and industrialization.
– The easy and modern culture of the nation to suit everyone.
– Pleasant tax-free policies for foreign investors.
– The nation does not levy any sales tax or income tax on the populace as well as investors thus making life easier for everyone here.
– The strategic location of the emirate; its proximity to Middle East, India and Africa.
– The tax-free salary system prevailing in the nation allows the populace to enjoy a rich lifestyle.
– The soaring property and real estate markets here in Dubai because of the competitive market rates.

Dubai, in the past two decades, has witnessed remarkable economic, infrastructural and political growth which has been vertical, consistent and stable as well. These factors have brought in many foreign investors to the nation.

If you are also planning to invest here in Dubai, you should not hesitate. Foreign investors have realized the growth opportunities in the nation and have also recognized the emirate to be the next global business point. This very thought has contributed to prominent presence of investors from all across the globe.

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