Guess Watches in Dubai

Guess is not a professional watchmaker but a fashion company that also deal with jewellery, accessory and watch making. Therefore, Guess watches are not expensive; their price is due to for the brand name and not for the quality of the Guess watches. You will be able to buy Guess watches in many shopping centres of Dubai. In the Dubai Mall, Guess also opened separate store for its jewellery and watches lines.

Guess is a fashion brand originating from Italy by Paul Marciano, then moving from Italy to the United States gaining the highest fame on the West Coast with its California mixed with Rock and Roll style. Guess has become excessively famous for its jeans collections, which featured the highest variety of garments and trousers, made out of several sorts of jeans and denim. Guess features different likes like Guess, Guess jeans and Guess by Marciano. Then Guess has seen more fantasy in accessories and ever since it is rich accessory collections, such as sunglasses, leather accessories like belts, handbags and shoes and not long after it came out with its first collection of jewellery and watches. Today, Guess watches feature a different line of Guess. In 2004 was the 20th anniversary of Guess Watches, which makes Guess one of the oldest, originally fashion brands that started jewellery and watch collection in the same time.

Guess watches are coming out for men and for women in different styles such as Trendy, Sporty, Casual and Dress for the most elegant watches are coming out in either gold or silver. Guess has semi-expensive watches, their prices being between USD 150 and 500 max. Yet Guess watches are stylish and trendy, for sure, they carry the brand’s power and they look nice. Therefore, Guess Watches are popular among the members of the young generations, especially the teens to those who are in their thirties.

In Dubai, either Guess is sold in its brand stores or by Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons being the largest retailers of quality and first class watches, Damas and Al Futtaim Jewelleries are the largest quality jewellery and watches retailers and manufacturers in Dubai. Therefore, Guess watches can be found just everywhere in Dubai from the big shopping centres to the smaller shopping malls in Dubai at Damas, Al Futtaim (Watch House) and Seddiqi stores. The one and only brand store of Guess watches can be found in the large Dubai Mall.

This year, Guess watches collections include Ladies’ Exotic, Ladies’ White Hot, Men’s Sports and Men’s Classic collections. The watch collections of Guess are fresh and colourfully designed. Although you will not find diamond watches among the Guess watch collections, they use some beautiful shiny crystals for reaching almost the same effect for the eyes. Guess watches therefore are in search by the younger people, mostly more women than by men. Guess watches belong to those fine quality brand watches, which are a lot cheaper and easily available for those who would like to show some style that is a lot more economical.

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