Dubai Car Rental Guide for 2021

If you would like to go around Dubai the most effortlessly, renting a car is still the best possible solution for you in 2021. No matter you are a tourist or someone who has just moved to Dubai, renting a car is relatively easy and cheap if you know some of the trick of trade and know where and how to rent a car here.

Although Dubai government does its best to make public transportation better within Dubai and has achieved a lot with the building of the Dubai Metro, going by car is still the best solution if you want to get somewhere in Dubai. So, what do you need in order to be able to use the services of Dubai car rentals?

First, for renting a car, you will need to have an International Driving Permit or IDP that you can get quite easily in your country by the local offices. You will of course need your original licence too, which you need to carry with yourself whenever you are driving a car in Dubai. It is important to note, that IDP and original licence must be issued by the same country. If you are a tourist and need only a temporary Dubai driving licence, you may be granted one, if you arrive from such country that enjoys some priorities in Dubai, such as the USA, UK, Australia or France. You must always ask about this before your travel if you already know that you will surely turn to Dubai car rentals.

The cost of daily rentals will be around 100 Dhs daily for a small or mid sized car. You can also try to negotiate to get a better car. It is important for you to check whether your mileage will be unlimited or limited, especially if you are planning to make a longer trip with the car. You must also check whether the rental includes Off-road driving or not. Insurance in Dubai is made for the car, but of course, you will need to pay your part when you rent a car. Car insurance is tricky, especially when it comes to off-road which also includes the unpaved areas within the city. It’s essential for you to know this while making Dubai car rentals, because if your insurance doesn’t include unpaved roads within the city, if the car gets damaged, the company will ruthlessly ask you to pay it all. If you drive and have had consumed alcohol before, in case of any accidents, your insurance will be seen as void.

Monthly Dubai car rentals start from around 1500 DH and you always need to check what car you get for this money including all the details above. If you plan to live and work in Dubai, then depending on your salary, you will soon be able to buy or get a loan for your own car so you will not need to use Dubai car rentals for too long.

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