Health Insurance by Allianz

Allianz Group is definitely one of the leaders of the insurance business all over the world. Several international agents therefore offer Allianz Health Insurance. Allianz Health Insurance is represented in Dubai by Allianz Group itself and by the Lebanese-German NEXtCare Health insurance company. Let us see what Allianz group offers us when it comes to health insurance.

First, there is no insurance that Allianz Group wouldn’t offer its customers, let it be about Allianz Car Insurance, being among the most popular sorts of insurances, Allianz Life Insurance and Allianz Health insurance. Allianz Health Insurance offers health insurance packages for both companies and for individuals in the same time. Of course, things regarding insurance are slightly different in Dubai then in other countries. It is because Dubai is changing policies. Next to its Health Card system that is obligatory to have for everyone who resides in Dubai, Dubai is to standardise health insurance for employees and intending to make it an obligation for all employers to pay the health insurance packages of their workers. This new law will start to get implemented from the beginning of 2012 and will be in full use by 2013. Allianz Group therefore offers several sorts of corporate health insurance packages too.

Let us see what we can get when we purchase Allianz Health Insurance. First, Allianz wishes to be the leading force in three industries: the Banking sphere, the Asset Management industry and in the insurance industry. Allianz Health Insurance can be purchased through the licensed agents of NEXtCare all over Dubai, the UAE and in the whole Middle Eastern Region, with the inclusion of Egypt and Lebanon too.

NEXtCare is such a Health Insurance provider which although represents Allianz Health Insurance, yet it is a Third Party Administrator. This means that it offers Allianz Health Insurance together with their system and solutions, which provide the biggest insurance network in Dubai and in the whole UAE, with totally built out schemes and insurance packages that are offered by at least 50 different insurance agencies contracted with NEXtCare.

In addition to the Allianz Health Insurance modules they offer, NEXtCare provides great Managed Care Services which include a non-stop customer service and non-stop centres operated by doctors, specifically for their clients. The following insurance companies in Dubai offer the services of Allianz Health Insurance and NEXtCare: Al-Sagr National Insurance Company (, AMAN Insurance Company (, Al Ittihad Al Wahani GICV Insurance Company ( and several other insurers the details of which you can find on the website of NEXtCare. They offer the Allianz Health Insurance Packages for about the same price with the same terms and conditions.

Be careful as health insurance is often mentioned as Medical Insurance and it’s sold diversely from the Personal Accident Insurance of the personal property insurance about which you should get some information too. Allianz Insurance is also offered as: Flexi Health Plan coming with different conditions according to the patients’ needs. Get more information straight from the mentioned companies regarding Allianz health insurance.

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