Highland Hotel in Dubai

World travel is something that opens you up to all kinds of experiences, and the further you travel, the more unique these experiences are. When you ask someone to list the most popular holiday destinations around the world, potentially the three most common answers will be London, Paris and New York. Three cities which are located in very differing cultures yet have more in common than one might assume. All, certainly, are Western cities with climates that differ greatly from winter to summer. A winter holiday in New York will in all likelihood see you experiencing the snow to which the North East of the USA has become used. The snows are rarer and lighter in Paris and London, but still happen at least once a year.

Dubai is the first city in the Middle East to really break up the dominance of the big three mentioned above. While cities like Tokyo and Sydney have been hugely popular in their own right, Dubai has really taken the game to the big cities in the West and is showing signs of becoming one of the world’s ultimate travel destinations. One inevitable result of a city becoming a major tourist destination is a rise in prices – where there is demand, the supplier sets the rules. It would be easy, from a cursory glance at the Internet, to assume that a stay in Dubai lasting any more than a few days would require a generous bonus from work or a lottery win. This, however, really is not the case. It is certainly still possible to visit Dubai on the kind of budget that is routinely set aside for foreign holidays.

To find a cheaper hotel in Dubai does require a bit of searching, but nothing that is beyond the gift of an experienced Internet user. One hotel that allows you to see Dubai at a modest price is the Highland Hotel. Despite the name this is not a hotel run by a Scottish company, but rather by an Indian one. As the name is well known in India, it attracts a lot of custom from the Indian subcontinent, and as a result is priced closer to the Indian hotel market – that is to say very competitive prices for a holiday experience that is well worth taking. Whether you are in the city on business or just for the pleasure of a holiday, the Highland Hotel Dubai is an option that offers staggering value.

For a price that comes to less than a third of what many comparable hotels are offering, the Highland Hotel does not stint on comfort nor facilities. In the highly comfortable rooms you will be able to benefit from very comfortable beds, satellite TV, room service and a mini bar, as well as a superb view over one of the most picturesque cities in the world. For those who do not want to journey into the city to experience the nightlife and culinary options available to Dubai, there are excellent restaurants and a nightclub attached to the hotel. Quite simply, the Highland Hotel in Dubai offers you quality, value and comfort, and a chance to see Dubai without breaking the bank.

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